December 18, 2006


Some days, all you can do is look at the pretty geekiness and drool.

For those who have not found these places of drool-worthy geekiness, I give you my current favourite at ThinkGeek (which I desperately want).

And also, the electronics joy that is HobbyTron ... all those electronics kits have me drooling.

Otherwise, it was a long weekend. I'm tired, I'm frustrated. And above all, I'm pretty much just bored with everything. Why the hell didn't someone tell me that "real life" was E X A C T L Y the same as high school?

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December 15, 2006


That's right, folks, Dutch speaking Flanders has decided it's no longer interested in being a part of Belgium. Hey, Flanders, like Quebec, has a specialty language and they're tired of being kicked around by the French speakers. Of course, in Canada, it's the French speakers who think they're being kicked around by the English speakers. But, you know, your boss kicks you, you come home and kick the wife, who kicks the kid, who kicks the dog, who barks madly and drives everyone into a mad killing spree and --
What? That doesn't happen to everyone?
Umm. Oh.comments/blush.gifcomments/blush.gifcomments/blush.gif

So anyhow, Dutch Flanders is now fighting for its independence separate from the Belgian Frenchies.

I wonder if we'll have to call them Freedom Waffles now?

brick.png          brick.png         brick.png         brick.png         brick.png

Big wig analysts Gartner has made ten predictions about technology, the most important of which being that Vista will be the last major release of Windows. Wait, wait, wait. I mean the most important of which is that blogging will peak in 2007, with the overall number of blogs stabilizing.

After all, some 200 million blogs have been abandoned. Apparently, some people have actually gotten bored with the 9 million things they thought they had to say ... and then realized when they were reduced to typing in such things as "I went to the grocery store today and bought some bread," that they were boring themselves AND the bits and bytes they were using on the server.

Reportedly somewhere between 50 and 100 of the 200 million abandoned blogs (and that's not 50 million to 100 million ... just plain 50 to 100 blogs) were written by people who got a life and thus, no longer had time for telling the world what a cute dog they have. (Have you seen the pictures of my dogs? They, of course, are important to the natural order of the universe.)

Best quote from Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer: "Everyone thinks they have something to say, until they're put on the stage and asked to say it."

Of course, he left off an important reason for people losing interest: having something to say ... and getting no readers or no response. No matter how much you have to say at that point ... what's the point?

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December 13, 2006


Okay ... I just adore the show Bones. It's clever, it's funny, it's well acted. And after an episode which deals with Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and voodoun ... there's this line:

"I have noticed that very few people are scary ....

once they've been poked in the eye."

Right after Bones does literally poke the voodoun sorcerer in the eye as he is attempting to curse her.

Then ... the previews for the next new episode ... she holds a gun, and the FBI agent says, "Where the hell did you get that?"

Her response with a totally blase and "what?" attitude: "At the mall, why?"


(LMFDAO is the new LMFAO ... laughing my fooken damn ass off ... just for you, Mikey-Mike)

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December 10, 2006


Things are percolating ... more posts are being worked on.

Meanwhile ... in the holiday spirit ... enjoy this insane little flash game I came up with a while back.

Hopefully I'll have something about the Vickie Shaw performance that I went to last night ready for the blog tomorrow.

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December 1, 2006

Hello What??

So, okay, first I have to say ... I hate pink. I've always hated pink. I'm sure it's because my mom wanted a girly-girl and I most certainly was not a girly-girl.

But I understand the current movement to make everything pink. Everything from Cubs hats done in pink to pink snowboards and skateboards and the resurgence of Hello Kitty. Regaining girl power and all that ... girls ... women ... doing things that used to be the realm of da boys.

But this? THIS??? This is an abomination!

(Okay, I admit it, I think the butterfly one is actually kinda cool for what it is. ... but still! i'd rather have an ergonomic guitar than a butterfly.)

All right now ... there's now need to get all shirty and such. That stupid butterfly guitar is simply the least offensive of the three. If i had a five year old, who loved all things girly and wanted some such abomination of a guitar, I would be more likely to give in on the butterfly than I would the other two.
However, it cannot be stated strongly enough: these are all still abominations of guitars. ... and Mr. Mikey-Mike there is cruisin' for a bruisin', methinks!


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October 26, 2006

Mahna Mahna Revisited   music.png

Felt like early morning, but maybe it was after nap-time ... creeping out of my room, hair fuzzy and full of static electricity, carefully pulling the knob to turn the crappy (even for the time) old tv on. Sesame Street.

I am cracking up at this silly little Muppet monster who is getting so incredibly carried away with the song.

Years later, the skit is re-done for The Muppet Show and every time I bring it up, people insist that it first premiered on The Muppet Show.

Thanks the to magic of Teh Internets (tm), the argument has been resolved.

The original ... 1969 version ... long before the advent of The Muppet Show ... Sesame Street's Mahna Mahna:

I think I loved this because little mr. Mahna Mahna was doing his own thing despite the looks the little pigtails and cute dresses girls were shooting him. Such was my life in kindergarten as well. Whether it was the fact that I simply had a very strong personality and sense of self or if it was that ADHD ability (curse?) to do my own thing because I'm amusing myself ... this skit cracked me up every time. When he wanders out of frame and back, he's subverting everything a performance is supposed to be ... but he's having FUN.

But what I really loved the most was the fact that he was helping the girls out ... they needed one more person to sing the song ... they couldn't do it by themselves. And he was happy to help out ... but on his own terms. They may not have liked his silly riffs. They were terribly unhappy about his popping up from below and his wandering far far off behind them ... but he certainly helped them "make" the song. On his terms. That was a great lesson for me as an already very independent child. You can help others and do what you're supposed to do ... without losing your own style and sense of self.

Not all of my teachers were glad I'd learned that lesson and I know my mom really hated that I'd learned that lesson. But if there's one thing I have always tried to pass on to the students I used to teach and the kids (and adults!) that I meet today ... is that you can "subvert" the requirements of whatever system you're working within and develop your own style. And that style is every bit as important as the "official" way of doing things.

For good measure ... here's the later, more polished skit from The Muppet Show. It's good and it's certainly the one that people seem to remember the most ... but I think for me, the original on this will always speak the loudest despite the fact that it's really just an "early draft" of a skit. There's a raw and uncomplicated power to the message for me. Then again, maybe what that skit first meant to me is simply colouring it. comments/what.gif

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