Elisa Maza


Keeper of Gargoyles and cop all at once. Interesting life!


I found this second Maza at a drugstore much to my surprise. Just like with Montoya, I used the X-acto and sandpaper to smooth out the ridges and filled in the holster holes with Sculpey. I used a very thin layer of Sculpey to make the jacket as I really didn't want to add any bulk to her torso. Mixing the paint to approximate her skin color was the hardest part of this figure.

Now, why doesn't Kenner make figures in their outfits as they appear on the show????? I should never have had to make this figure. Granted, I'm no faithful watcher of the show, but every episode I've caught has Elisa in the above pictured outfit, not the futuristic cop outfit that Kenner made. I don't get it.

As for the show itself --- interesting. Look at Montoya, I mean Maza, look at the creature of the night protecting Gotham, I mean their city. Very interesting.


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