About The Red Monkey

Well, my original bio that I've had up since about 2001 was far too long, so I'll give you the abbreviated version instead.

I lived in seven homes and six towns before I started kindergarten, but no, I wasn't a military brat. Kindergarten and first grade were one school, second grade was Catholic school, third started in my beloved elementary school, but then we moved a final time landing me in literally the worst concept of an elementary school you could possibly imagine. 125-180 students per grade level. All six "main" grade levels in one room. Yeah. Some thousand or so first through sixth graders in a building with no interior walls - just short bookcases dividing grade levels and sort of suggesting 30 kid class "rooms."

In short, I hated that school. It was constantly noisy. Teachers were overwhelmed by the sheer number of kids. Kids ran wild. On top of that, my new school couldn't believe that I was ahead of their kids. So instead of administering a skills test, looking at (and trusting) my records, they decided to put me in the second-high group in everything, despite the fact that I was ahead of even their high-groups.

At that point, I stopped trusting schools and questioned everything even more than I had before. (Which was a lot. In second grade, I even asked to go to the principal's office. What seven-year-old does that?)

I was a weird kid.

And I grew into a weird adult. I'm okay with that. Kind of relish it, actually. At the same time, I'm always on a quest to figure out just what exactly makes me tick. Why I'm so different from everyone else. I didn't fit in at any of my schools and as an adult I don't really fit in anywhere, either. The closest explanation I've been able to find so far has been Asperger's. Alas, the DSMV is doing away with that diagnosis, but at least it gives me some handle by which I can try to unknot myself a bit.

I belong to a lot of categories, but none of them really define me. Abuse survivor, cancer survivor, drama kid, bullied as a kid and as an adult, toy collector, Browncoat, Whedon fan, ex-writer, ex-teacher, SF/F geek, skateboard, love graffiti, play guitar (badly), play banjo (worse than guitar) ... and I love to make stuff. Leather bags, custom action figures, DVD case ... whatever. I like figuring out how shit works and how to make it better.

And that last bit meant that when the web came along, I wanted to know what made it tick. So I became a web designer.

I guess that's the short version of me. Longer, of course, is reading the blog itself.

Oh yeah. And yes, one of these days I'll give the blog layout some love and make it responsive....