Make New Friends, but Keep the Old
May 28, 2005

So, I've just spent the last couple of hours logging into and to see if I could find any of the folks I really miss from school. Of course, I did find some of the kids I wanted to find, but sadly, the ones I both have lost contact with and really want to see aren't logged into these services. So, I thought I'd post something here about them. These are the folks from Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, that I'd love to find again.

Jill Stewart, aka Stewie, although I think I was the only one who really called her that. I met Jill in 3rd grade, when I had just moved to Arlington. At the time I moved, I was just about to have my ninth birthday. My mom decided I could have "one little friend" to my house. I guess she didn't want a "horde of little monsters" over to the house. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong kid to have over. Jill, I'd like to apologize to you for that and lots of obliviousness I had over the next couple of years. You were a good friend and I wasn't much of one in return.
Last seen: Arlington

Annette Simonini: dude, when you hit Butler Elementary, you hit it like a bullet. We needed the shaking up. You, Eddie and Tony were a welcome addition to the neighborhood. You seemed to be the most self-aware of all of our little group in elementary school . . . though Stewie ran a very close second. I missed you when I got kind of exiled from the group and was so glad to re-connect at least a little bit in college. I can't ever tell you how much I appreciated your helping me move out of the house, particularly when my dad got going . . . you know what I mean.
Last seen: California?
UPDATE 7/2/2005
Found!! Yep, Google strikes again. See July 3, 2005.

Shannon Heizer: We met up in what, fifth grade? sixth? You and Suzy Gruchow were just what I needed when I needed it. Remember when Suzanne used to talk to "Alfie" in Ms. Bailey's sixth grade class? Miss you guys.
Last seen: Baylor University

Kate MacDonald: damn, I caught up with you in 1994 before you moved to Alaska and then lost you again. Dude, we've got lots of little details to catch up on and I no longer need help with my Latin homework. (And I know you're relieved about that!) I've realized over the last ten years that you really taught me an incredible amount. I never had anyone be so patient with me and help me learn. I've no idea how to thank you for that.
Last seen: Alaska

Brenda Heath: what can I say? A part of me will always regret the way I handled so many different things. I caught up with Brian a few years ago. He's in California, was in the military and is married with kids now. Last I heard from you, you were in Round Rock, I think. Contact me? I have lots to tell you and lots to apologize for.
Last seen: Round Rock, Texas

Kyungah Kim (Janet Kim): oh, my illustrious locker partner, dude, I can't tell you how much I want to re-connect with you. We shared so much and I know you put up with a lot from me. But . . . I know things didn't go as you wanted them to go after high school. But you blocked me out. I couldn't find you; I couldn't seem to get through. And then I couldn't find you at all. I was so worried about you and you just couldn't seem to see that so many people were worried about you and wanting to help however we could. Last I heard, you'd re-discovered an interest in Korea. There are so many things that I wish we could talk about.
Last seen: Arlington??

Ed Garner: dude, you think any of us realized the grand plans we dreamed up during lunch in Mrs. McNew's room? I heard that you'd been in the military and worked with tanks . . . but that's about all I know. I miss you.
Last seen: army??

Dan Fitzgerald? I think it was Fitzgerald. You moved to the Middle East before your senior year. I gave you a silly little spy "kit" that I made. I miss your brash ideas and confidence. Our lunch group wasn't the same without you. I still talk about us "taking over the world." :)
Last seen: Saudi Arabia

There are others of you that I'd love to reconnect with, but I'll get around to more of you later. Somehow, I knew even back in high school that I would miss you all. I even have some of the silly little notes that we'd write to each other between classes.

And all I can think of now is a quote from, of all people, my buddy, Stephen King: I never had any friends like I did when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?

All right, MORE than enough of the overly apologetic and maudlin remembrances. I promise not to do this again for a while.

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Andy T. said:

I saw Ed Garner four or five years ago... He looked great, the military helped him immensely I think. He was much calmer in general and seemed much more self assured. I was pretty drunk at the time so that's all I remember. Except a funny story about him arguing with a general and breaking some tank treads...

June 11, 2005 1:10 PM
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