I Have NO Self-Control
June 28, 2005

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm weak. I went from thinking about my Commodore-64 to idly blipping through eBay . . . I know, I know. I couldn't resist. Yep, I bid and won a C-64 with monitor and old 1541 disk drive. And some software.

While I was flitting around the C-64 stuff on eBay, I did notice that NO ONE had my favorite game of all time: it was either called Space Shuttle or Space Station. It came in a container similar to a Disney VHS -- all plastic-y and big, unlike most software in its little cardboard box. This game, though, was really complicated, which meant that it was nearly impossible to complete a game on the old 64 kb Commodore. First, you picked out your shuttle crews -- you had profiles of all these different scientists and you were supposed to try to match up their psych and personality profiles AND make sure that you had the scientific specialties that you needed. You had to schedule enough scientific experiments and payloads for other companies/countries to keep your NASA program in the black. Then, you have to schedule the actual shuttle launches and get enough pieces of your space station in orbit so that you could do more involved scientific experiments and make enough money to fund the rest of the project.

I never did finish a game. I'd set aside a nice chunk of time . . . get everything set up . . . play for maybe 30 minutes . . . and then Mom would decide I'd been on the computer too long.

Damn! It just occurred to me that this pretty much still happens to me today. I get a chunk of time all set aside for working/playing on the computer (hey, it's all the same thing to me) . . . get everything set up . . . really get into the project . . . and then something from outside the computer demands my attention. Time to feed the dogs; time to go to bed; time to go to work; time to let my other half work on her criminal justice paper . . . details, details, details.

The worst, actually, is being deep into doing something in Photoshop or Dreamweaver and then having to pee. I don't want to stop and lose my place in the project. I'm going to forget that niggling little bit of code that I've been fine-tuning for an hour. It will just take me a second to get the last of the background cut out.

Did you ever notice that computer time and "real world" time are NOT the same? They flow at vastly different rates. A thinks that I'm just hyper-focusing again and need to up my Strattera. I maintain that there is some weird time vortex secreted in all processors - Motorola and Intel alike.

At any rate, I can't wait to get my hands on that C-64 later this week. Now if I can just find copies of all my favorite EA games: MULE, for one. Then there's Broderbund's Bard's Tale games. Blue Max.

Oh! Did you hear, did you hear? There's going to be a NEW Bard's Tale game. Oh, and the PS 3 is due out in March of '06. I'm saving my pennies now.

I think my Strattera wore off.

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