Wanna Get Paid to Blog?
June 25, 2005

I've been a writer of some sort or another ever since I can remember. There was the time - before I could write - that Mom took me to various preschools in town to see where I might best fit in. At one particular nursery school, we toured for a while and then when the director sat down to talk "adult" with mom, I slipped over to the edge of the little stage in another room. By the time Mom came to find me, I was seated on the edge of the stage and had a slew of little kids around me as I told them some story or another. Some of the teachers were leaning against the walls, relaxing as their children enjoyed a story-time when they didn't have to perform.

Of course, when I learned to read and write, I spent years devouring every book I could get my hands on. I discovered Sci-Fi because those happened to be the longest books in our school library. By fourth grade (and three elementary schools), I was bored with the library and began writing the stories that I wished I could read. (And tried to interest my friends in reading at the same time.)

I got an MFA in creative writing. I taught essay-writing for nine years. I write commercials, ad and marketing copy now. So you'd think that a call for bloggers would be right up my alley.

Sadly, the writer in me perked up at this news. Hey, I could write blog entries for these guys.

The geek in me is horrified. "But it's for MSN. It's for Microsoft! It's for BILL FUCKING GATES!!!" How could I even toy with the idea of writing for that evil spawn of satan?

But there would be a certain amount of joy in doing so from an antiquated Mac.

No! No! That way madness lies!

Ahhh, for the days of Microsoft Word 6x when you could type in "I'd like to kill Bill" and the thesaurus would tell you "I'll drink to that."

*shiver* I think I'll go back to my happy new book on Flash animation and just wipe this thought from my brain completely. Maybe my storyteller self will be enthralled with new cartoon ideas and forget completely about MSN.
Sheesh. Sometimes my brain has no common sense at all!

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Andy T. said:

Man, I don't know, I'm pretty much a mercenary when it comes to writing...

June 27, 2005 5:32 AM
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