October 29, 2005

This is Scraps at just about two or three months.

As you can see from this picture, Scraps is fond of the teeny Beanie Babies that we get from the Goodwill quarter bin. In fact, when I first brought him some of these teenie beanies, I'd found a black and tan doggie that became Puppy. Every other teeny beanie would be vigourously "killed," chomped on and, most disturbing, the eyes chewed off. Except for Puppy. Scraps would take care of Puppy, he gave Puppy the place of honor (tummy up in front of the refrigerator vent -- I don't know why, but it was one of his most favourite places as a pup).

In fact, as he got a little older, the imagination play became more pronounced. By about four months, he was teaching things to Puppy. He put Puppy in his full food bowl (before he even ate dinner!) and sat there for a minute. Then he grabbed Puppy by the scruff of the neck and placed him on the puppy training pad. Because, you know, after you eat, you go potty.

The cutest thing, though, was the day he "taught" Puppy to play tug of war. He went across the house, grabbed his rope and lined it up carefully with Puppy. He laid down across the rope from Puppy and carefully, carefully grabbed the fringy rope ends and growled quietly. He'd shake the fringes a little bit, but not enough to really move the rope much. Eventually, he'd let go and pounce at Puppy, growling and play-yipping a little, then grab the rope with a huge shake of the head and run around the room like he'd just won the game. A few minutes later, he'd come back to Puppy, carefully line the rope up and begin the whole process again.

Of course, eventually, we had to get him his own puppy for real. It got to the point that if we touched a puppy -- particularly if we touched another dachshund puppy -- he'd go crazy looking through our clothes for the puppy that he was sure we'd brought him. If we petted a full-grown dog, he'd sniff the clothes or hands with interest, but not go so crazy as when it was a puppy.

Then we got Scout.

This is her at ten weeks. She was the tiniest puppy I'd ever seen. She could sit in the palm of your hand with room left over. And, when we took her and Scraps to the park the second week we had her, someone gave her a drink of water out of the cap to a little water bottle. One capful was enough for her!

Scraps thought we'd brought him the best present ever. He dutifully chased all his kitties far, far away from "his" baby. In fact, he could barely let us near her. He'd hover over her, clean her and cuddle her every minute. It took about two to three weeks before he could finally let her wander more than a few inches away from him.

He soon learned that Scout was not nearly so compliant as Puppy had been.

In fact, she was rather opinionated.

He is still often confused by the fact that she runs around like a mad thing just about bedtime. He's disturbed by her behaviour and often gives us a quizzical look -- "Why is she so defective?" After all, good hounds should be lazy and sleepy. Her insistence on sounding the hound's "rooooooo" also highly disturbs him. She can't quite pull off a bugle, but she does try every once in a while. Her other odd behaviour is her tendency to "rabbit." She'll sit up on her hindlegs and then move her little forelegs up and down like a rabbit.

Much as Scraps still adores and watches after his little sister, the most disappointing thing is that she doesn't play tug. She'll snag a toy away from him and run off -- her version of keep-away -- but if he gets ahold of the toy and pulls, she immediately lets go. He's always crushed when she does.

But he's devoted to her anyway. And every time we take them out in public or for a walk, most people ask if he's the mommy -- he hovers over her like a mother-hen.

She might be more defective than the Puppy that only moved when he moved it, but she's his baby.

(Yes, they are both miniature dachshunds and weigh about 10-11 pounds apiece.)

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imahologram said:

That was such a cute story!!

October 30, 2005 5:08 PM


blueyes said:

LOL, Scout's adorable. Sounds like those 2 are a hoot.

February 9, 2007 10:29 AM


Pand0ra Wilde said:

Awwww! I just wanna cuddle and scritch them both!

June 14, 2007 12:09 PM


nae said:

this puppy is so adorable

May 11, 2008 5:06 PM
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