My Roomate, the Lizard
October 1, 2005

All right, fresh from Azba ... Azkaba ... Turkmenistan, here's the latest update on the poor lizard who got stuck in the goo:

To update everyone who�s following the lizard story, I have some sad news. I have not seen even a streaking glimpse of the little guy since that fateful feet-stuck-in-goo night. As I rather like his quiet company and ant-eating skills, I�m hoping that he�s just laying low ... but I�m afraid he may have left the premises in one way or another.
Another possibility is that the lizard was eaten by a giant beetle I saw strutting across my living room a few days ago. This thing was amazing ... about an 1" long and �" thick, but he walked up high on long spider-like legs. I know this because I got a great view of him as I snuck up to squish him ... but as I was pondering what a beetle that sized would do, once squished, to my rug, he ran under the sofa. Oh ... and I have to mention that when I grabbed a shoe for squishing-purposes), I found what appeared to be a daddy-longlegs on steroids. As I�ve already had a series of very bad spider bites since being here and didn�t relish more on my feet, should it find my row of shoes to be better housing than the wall, I took great pains � involving turning off the light, broom in one hand, shoe in the other � to get rid of it. Where is a good attack lizard when you need him?!?!

And, can anyone identify the obscure 70s song this title is based on? "My Roommate" by ..... who? What band did this during the disco era? (and that's all the hints I'm giving!)

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