The Quest for the Bagthorpe Triangle
October 21, 2005

About 1979 or so, I discovered a marvelous book. Called Ordinary Jack, it was the story of a normal kid living in a family of self-proclaimed geniuses. Poor Jack attempts to make himself more interesting by posing as a seer. The resulting attempts of this kid to gain the attention of his family could be rather depressing, but Cresswell made it hysterically funny. I devoured the book then and went on to read as many Cresswell books as I could find.

At one point, the dog becomes famous (and poor Jack get attention by default as the owner of the dog). Before that, the entire family begins entering every newspaper and magazine contest they can find and then re-gift each other for Christmas with the unwanted winnings. Their trip to Wales and confusion over the seemingly millions of people surnamed Jones was almost more hysterical than the wretched search for a ghost at their "haunted" cabin.

Unfortunately for me, Cresswell was a British author and finding British children's books isn't always easy. Since then I've managed to purchase Ordinary Jack, Less Than Zero, Bagthorpes Unlimited, Bagthorpes Vs. the World, Bagthorpes Haunted, Bagthorpes Liberated and Bagthorpes Besieged. Bagthorpes Abroad and Bagthorpes Battered are on the way from Amazon.UK and eBay.

But I can't find The Bagthorpe Triangle. I have searched, I have asked folks in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to keep an eye out. Nada. Looked through book services. Zilch. The only thing I can find is the audiobook and I want a real book, not a performance.

It seems that The Bagthorpe Triangle has indeed disappeared into that triangular zone where great children's books often disappear.

Next quest: locate the BBC television series ....

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Lisa said:


Where did you find Bagthorpes Battered? I found Bagthorpe Triangle on eBay. It was shipped from Australia.


November 3, 2005 8:03 PM


Red Monkey said:

Holy crap! I'm missing that one too!! I thought I had it, but I have all my Bagthorpes out in the living room and I don't see that one. Shoot. I thought I was just down to one. I ordered Bagthorpes Beseiged from AmazonUK and Bagthorpes Abroad from eBay.

Looks like I have two Bagthorpe books to haunt eBay for. I suppose we'll be bidding against each other! ;)

November 4, 2005 4:18 AM


Simon Tanner said:

I have a copy of Triangle, but would love a copy of Battered

March 12, 2009 1:23 PM
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