More Caelum Moor
November 16, 2005

Click for a bigger look.

Here's a shot of more of the park I was talking about the other day. I'm still stunned that the park was dismantled because a few Christian fanatics (I'm not saying all Christians or even all fundamentalists, though most of the folks involved in bringing the park down were fundamentalists) actually had the audacity to cry out "separation of church and state." These are literally the same folks who complain bitterly that the Ten Commandments ought to be in front of court houses.

At any rate, I do have more pictures of the park ... not enough to my mind. I never did get a picture of the structure in the pond when its fountain was on. It was beautiful. I'd sit on that one small stone just to the right of the pond and Morna Linn (the sculpture in the pond) and watch the water cascading off the stones. At night, lights recessed in the ground shone upward and the ones lighting the fountain were just amazing. I wish I'd gotten some pictures of that.

If you're still curious about the park, check out the part of my site dedicated to the memory of Caelum Moor park.

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Andy Ternay said:

I miss it too.

November 18, 2005 6:58 AM


Tim Turner said:

My friend Greg Minton and I climbed the largest piece two times before it was removed. We tied a wrench to a length of utility cord and after several attempts, slung the line over the cross piece. We tied a static climbing rope to the cord, pulled it over the cross piece and tied it around one of the upright pieces. We then used a pair of rope ascenders to climb to the top. To our surprise, we found a plastic film canister stuck below one of the two blocks that sat on the cross piece. It contained a note written by to guys that were traveling from the east coast to the west coast. They passed the passed that pink granite sticking up and couldn't resist. They got up there the same way we did and wanted to record thier adventure in a time capsule. We added our story to the note both times we climbed it and had hoped others would find it. We never thought it would be found by workers dismantling it.

I read in the paper today that if you have $ 300,000 to move it and a public place to put it, the City of Arlington will give it away. It's sad, Caleum Moor now lies disassembled at the Pierce Burch Water Treatment Facility about a half mile from my home. Well, if it ever goes up again I plan on being the first to start a new time capsule.

May 23, 2006 2:38 PM
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