skritter, skritter
November 7, 2005

My house was built in 1952 and it's got some interesting quirks to it. For example, our basement is finished -- not drywall finished, but there's a good tile floor and a drop ceiling and one room is panelled. But to get to the basement, you have to go outside to the garage, then down the stairs and into the basement. Quirky. And the garage is cold, too.

We have a new roof on the house and yet, last winter we had the mutant chipmunk from hell nesting in the loose, blown insulation. We never did catch him, although we did see him climbing the outside walls of the house and eventually managed to plug where he was coming in at.
Why was he the mutant chipmunk from hell? He ate the poison bait we put down and it didn't kill him ... he just looked like he was a chipmunk colored baseball that summer.

So, I was less than pleased when again as this winter begins, I could hear that skritter, skritter through the insulation above my head. This time, instead of mousetraps (which he just ate the peanut butter off of) or poison bait (which just made him fat), we put down two glue traps.

Now look, I like chipmunks. They are one of my favourite little critters. I think they're adorable.

But at 4 a.m., going skritter, skritter above my head enough to actually wake me up? Not so much anymore.

I thought about live traps, but in doing research in ridding ourselves of these things I discovered they wander for about 17 miles or so. Releasing him 20-25 miles away ... I no longer thought they were all that cute.

So, I put the glue traps out last night. I checked today after work -- no surprise, one of the traps had been pulled partway into the insulation, no chipmunk. I pick that trap up and move it to another area, hoping to still entice the little bugger.

Second trap. No chipmunk.

It's a terrified little mouse.

Now I don't know why that made a difference. I was steeled for the chipmunk. The mouse threw me.

Suffice it to say that after much internal debate over the best way to dispose of the poor little guy ... I did eventually take care of it.

I'm just hoping that's the only one.


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charles said:

Mice are cute but deadly.

November 7, 2005 6:23 PM


thordora said:

Man, i hate those glue traps. I can't hack it...the squeaking, the bug eyed looks....ugh.....

you could pay someone to trap the little bastard...

November 7, 2005 6:50 PM
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