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December 19, 2005

I'm trying to build a book effect for work in Macromedia Flash ... unfortunately it's devilishly hard to do well. I've found three different books that are nice, but getting them re-sized to do what I want ... and then moved around on the stage ... has been something of an impossibility.

First book: scripted by Macc from IpariGrafika in Hungary ... includes the source code. In many ways the best book out there ... certainly the most fully featured. This book offers a "hardback" option and a million other bells and whistles ... but getting the scripted animations to re-size in actionscript has completely baffled better heads than mine.

Second book: This was something referred to in Sham Bhangal's Flash Hacks, hack 25, but it's not fully explained in the book. Instead, it's on O'Reilly's site. I've tried working through the steps and while I can reproduce the first of four Flash files ... I can't get the second one to reproduce ... I'm missing something terribly easy, I think, but I've looked at it so long I can't find it anymore.

The final book is the only one I've been able to get to work at all: Pixelwit's PageFlip. This one is quite easy to use, although I'm currently stuck on trying to add more pages to it. But, I was hoping to have my book open so that 1/2 the book took up the whole stage ... of course this does mean that I'd have to use twice as many pages, but since we're talking about virtual pages and not rainforests, I'm okay with that. Using just one page on the stage gives me a much bigger page to play with. Unfortunately, the only way I can get this book to work is by centering it on the stage.

I'm attempting to do a nifty little "history of" book. Some text, probably not included in the book itself, but off to the side of the book and then then nice photos and movie clips in the book demonstrating some of the history. Since the focal point ought to be the pictures, I'm really hoping to have a bigger book.

Anyone out there a real actionscript guru and wants to help me out?

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Andy Ternay said:

Ha! I am not a guru, but I have this friend up in Indiana who is! I'll just hook you up with her and *ta-da!* problem solved!

Now what was her name again... I think it was something like ender...

Oh. Well, never mind.

December 20, 2005 7:19 AM


Hat said:

If your still looking for a solution with Pixelwit's PageFlip in trying to add more pages, I was having the same problem and just ran across a solution today. This is what I read from another person:
"I encountered the same error message when trying to modify the pixelwit flip book to include more pages and discovered what was wrong.
The final two movieclips in the library (Print7 and Print8) both need to have one small modification made to their linkage properties. Select the movieclip in the library, open the properies dialog box and select the box "Export in first frame".
That should fix it. I've been able to add as many pages as I need.
Once you do this, you can actually delete the "Prints" layer from the main timeline. It's not needed anymore."

This worked for me, but I have to add - make sure your linkage identifier name is spelled exactly the same as the mc instance name - you can adjust them both in the Properties dialog box under those mc's.

My problem is that I want to increase the stage size, but when I do it cuts off the edges of my pages. I can adjust the page size in the bound mc, but I can adjust the stage without it cutting off something, then when you upload to a server and view online you can't see the whole book.
If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!

January 19, 2006 12:23 PM


PiXELWiT said:

You can visit my PageFlip Help Section for some helpful information.

February 16, 2008 3:19 PM
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