December 21, 2005

So, yesterday, I was sitting on the futon, working on a delightful project (sound and graphics ... hopefully I can post it here soon) when I heard an odd noise somewhere next to me. Looked up, looked around, nothing. Went back to work.

Again. And then, the cats flock to the fireplace, followed by the older dog.

Yep. There's a little flicker in the fireplace and she's pissed off. She was hanging off the screen and was pecking at it, making the screen bang against the glass door as if she were knocking to come in. And when I say she was pissed off, I mean PISSED OFF. After about an hour of pecking for five minutes and silence for five minutes ... as well as being stared at intently by the dog and two of the cats, she quieted down ... and so did Scrappy. Here he is attempting to watch the bird in the fireplace (animal-cable, we call it):

And then ... after the bird quieted down:

This morning, still a flicker in the fireplace. This afternoon after work? Blessed, blessed silence!

Turns out the wind or the flicker managed to knock the flue "door" off its track which is why the room felt drafty and how the bird got into the fireplace to begin with.

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seawave said:

Scrappy looks so brave and tough, watching from a safe vantage point of course. LOL

December 20, 2005 7:20 PM


Flo said:

Doc: "That's an unfortunate growth you have there."
Dog: "Yes - just started out as a blister on my paw..."

Doncha just hate peeps that beg for comments?!? ;@)


December 22, 2005 7:03 AM


Carolyn said:

He he, my old cat used to do that, she liked nothing better than falling asleep on my butt. and really who can blame her?

December 24, 2005 6:52 AM
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