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January 30, 2006

I thought I'd take a few minutes and give my impressions of the few blog traffic exchanges I've had some experience with. There's not a lot of them, but so far there is one clear winner ... and one up-and-comer who might create some competition.

In the order in which I discovered the site:

1) BlogExplosion ...
At BlogExplosion, you have any number of ways to garner credits ... and then you get to choose how you spend those credits. You can make banner and spend your credits on advertising, submit directory ads ... or you can "spend" your credits on renting space on someone else's blog (and thereby gaining hits), you can hit the "BlogRocket" which showcases 25 blogs on a single page, you can bet between 10 - 100 credits that you can beat someone else in a 15 vote battle ... or you can succumb to the weakness that is the scratch-off card. (1 credit buys you a "lottery" style scratch off card by which you could win up to 500 credits.)

I began surfing BlogExplosion in June of '05 and was surprised at the depth of the blogs I saw. There's a great feature which will let you block sites you dislike or find personally offensive or irritating for some reason, you can "blogmark" a site to come back to later on. You have to stay at each site for 30 seconds in oder to build up your credits for surfing. Of course, as on any blog traffic site, you will find a few blogs that do not load in the 30 seconds, which really ought to encourage more people to be aware of optimization techniques!

In addition, BlogExplosion offers a wide variety of distractions as well. There's the BlogExplosion radio, Sodoku, arcade games, a blog lottery and I'm sure there's more planned.

BlogExplosion does handle podcasts, but I don't really have any experience in that area. They also offer free blog hosting (templates, I believe, are done by Web Divas!!), a counter free of pop-ups and including some nice statistical counts and free picture hosting. Whew ... that's a LOT for one site to do! And I've left out things like the Flash application chat room (with audio and video capabilities!!!), the fact that you can ping your blog directly from BlogExplosion, review others' blogs, leave people comments through B.E. and more.

Literally my only complaint has been some iffy customer service issues. Then again, I think they have maybe 5 or 6 full-time employees serving I don't know how many thousands of members, so I'd be stunned if there weren't some customer service issues!!!


2) BlogAdvance
I saw this site while surfing at BlogExplosion and signed up ... the more the better, right? Well, after finally logging in to BlogAdvance (I kept forgetting about it), I quickly discovered that I personally needed to find one traffic exchange program and stick with it. I don't have the ability to surf multiple windows ... I can multi-task with the best ADD-er, but that is not my specialty!

BlogAdvance claims to be a community built by bloggers for bloggers. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if that's true or not. I can't hardly navigate this site. I currently have over 200 "manual" credits in my account ... and I have no idea how to spend them. Normally I'm pretty quick and hunting around a site and getting it figured out, but BlogAdvance completely stumps me. As such, many of the features they undoubtedly have are simply beyond my access. (Know B.A. pretty well and want to leave me some instructions in the comments??? I'd welcome the advice!!)

I have heard that they also offer free blog hosting and image hosting.


There is something of a war between B.E. and B.A. ... I don't understand it and have little information on it. All I know is that I originally signed up for both, saw some public behaviour of a B.A. administrator over at B.E. and decided that I did not appreciate that kind of unprofessionalism. I took my referral "sticker" to B.A. off my site and I think I've only been back there once or twice since. I've heard lots of good things about them ... I don't know.
I've mostly rejected their service simply because it's too difficult to use (and that administrator made me mad).

3) BlogMad
The third traffic exchange site I found was BlogMad. This site *sounds* wonderful, but it's easy to sound that way. BlogMadis not open for public use yet, but is in beta testing at the moment. I'm really hoping they open soon as they seem to have a great deal of promise. They will offer a "cage fight" similar to BlogExplosion's Battle of the Blogs as well as many of the other features at B.E.

But ... we haven't really seen anything yet. If they prove to be as un-navigatable as B.A., then there's little hope for them.


4) BlogSoliders
A great basic blog traffic exchange. Unlike some of the other traffic services, BlogSoliders does not accept websites which are not actual blogs. No site that just offers a web or blog service, no completely advertising "blog," no make-money-instantly sites ... just blogs. Right now this seems like a really solid basic exchange site ... is easy to surf, but the blogs there are somewhat limited in their topics. Hopefully as they grow and gain more members, the diversity of the blogs will increase. Right now, BlogSoliders is just a little too thin on blogs to hold my interest. Surfing time is only 20 seconds, though, instead of 30. Definitely a plus when you come up on a blog that won't load or that you've seen 20 times in the last two hours.


Despite what some folks thought about my previous post, BlogExplosion is still the clear winner in traffic exchange for me. Unfortunately there's been some community issues lately, but that can happen any time you get a diverse community of people together in one space ... be it real or virtual.
Because of community issues, there is little for me to do at B.E. that I have enjoyed doing up to this point beyond just surfing and spending credits on traffic. That's okay! That's the main purpose of BlogExplosion!!! I don't *have* to have Battle of the Blogs ... I merely have enoyed this feature in the past and hope to enjoy it again in the future when the current hullaballoo settles down a bit.

Meanwhile, if you use another blog traffic site and would like to add your two cents about it -- or about any of the ones reviewed here, please leave a comment!!
(I moderate for spam only.)

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George Larson said:

This is helpful for us new bloggers wanting to score some passers by.


January 30, 2006 5:43 PM


�madbull said:

As far as I know only one member of staff is 'a full-time employee'.

There is a programmer (or 2 even) and a designer just as some people approving blogs. But just like in every community it is based on 'mainly liking what you do'. Yes they pay the people who are 'officially staff' but I don't think they are full-time. And for a place with more as 30.000 members I think it is obvious that it means occasional issues/conflicts.

Btw Web-Divas are totally independent from BE.

BA I don't know why I signed up/stayed there for a while. But if I remember well I still got credits in my account.

Never tried BS but have used Blogclicker for a while. Where many blogs over there and had daily 30-40 visit as well. No 'bonusses like games or something'.

January 31, 2006 5:37 AM


Flo said:

BE may now only be delivering the hits cos of its sheer size. It's not the place it used to be. :-(

P.S. Subscribed to RM through feedburner, but it still says 0.


January 31, 2006 10:14 AM


Kate said:

I've used a number of blog exchanges, including BA and BC, but I always come back to BE in the end. It has the most features. I was actually surprised to learn of your customer service issue with them. I've submitted a support ticket for various issues about 3 or 4 times and I've always gotten a response within 24 hours. Sounds like it was a temporary glitch. You have to admit for a free service, they do pretty well. Nice blog by the way. Surfed in from BlogExplosion. ;-)

February 1, 2006 7:12 PM


Nan said:

I came here though BlogExplosion ! - I have also tried some different *gain traffic* sites - and I very much agree with your rating of them.

Allthough I might add that when I was using BlogExplosion and BlogAdvance at the same time - they gave me pretty much the same number of hits.

February 2, 2006 5:15 AM


Sally said:

Old post here, but I don't understand your inability to be able to navigate around BlogAdvance. Its very simply to use.

Maybe instead of not knowing, you could have 'asked' for help? or stopped off at their forums and got help there?

Just a thought.

March 1, 2006 6:29 PM
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