Kitchen Sink
February 21, 2006

Oooooh, looky here! No more comment moderation!

It seems that the junk filters in the new Movable Type 3.2 (why oh why do I want to put an E in the middle of Movable?) work wonderfully. I hadn't really paid attention to this feature except in regard to the trackback issue. I had so much trackback spam, it was really driving me nuts. Upon upgrading, Movable Type 3.2 has (so far) caught all the trackback spam and isolated it for me to decide whether or not to publish it. So far, it's caught all the spam and nothing else. Then, the other day as I was randomly pressing links in the new GUI, I realized that there was also a "Comment Junk" setting. I clicked on it, and lo and behold! Movable Type 3.2 had already caught a few comments that were spam and isolated them. I reviewed them, found the filter to be very very good and deleted the crapola. (Of course, I would find these features faster if I would just RTFM ... details, details.)

Meanwhile, I have a recommendation for any southerners who might now be living "up north." In the south, the air vents for your heater and air conditioner are generally located up by the ceiling. This is because hot air rises and you want to combat the heat during the summer. Fine, great, who cares, right? Well, up north, these vents are in the floor since you want to retain as much heat as possible in the winter up north.

Might I recommend NOT accidentally (or on purpose) kicking or stumbling into one of these air registers? They're kinda sharp.

Sharp as in while going to bed Thursday night, I tripped over the dog's stuffed bear and kicked the register ... something I've never done before. I sliced my little toe. I mean SLICED it. As in I nearly took the tippy-top off the toe. It was painful. Quite.

And you know it's sharp when you not only slice skin but also get a free toenail clipping to go along with it.

Yet another reason that northerners are far more backwards than those of us privileged enough to have been born in the south. A southerner at least would have put the sharp-ass thing on the WALL where it can't be STEPPED ON.

Meanwhile, I hadda read the Wikipedia article on RTFM just because ... well, because. It was funny. And, it led me to a new line that I had not heard before: UTSL ... presumably if you want to know how someone did something on their website and had the audacity to ask, you might be told UTSL ... Use the Source, Luke. LMFAO
Aren't acronyms fun?

Maybe I'm just a geek. I don't care ... geekdom is all the fun I have left anymore.

Meanwhile ... just remember, don't kick any air registers on the floor. Sliced little toes are painful. (I tried to take a picture, but I just couldn't get it to come out well. Consider yourself lucky to have missed the blood and gore.)

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