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May 16, 2006

Wanna win 500 BlogMad credits?

Here's the deal ... in honour of Red Monkey's one year celebration, I'm gonna give away 500 BlogMad credits to the person who answers at least 4 of the following questions correctly. That means you only have to answer 4!! The contest closes at noon (Eastern time), May 18, 2006. The winner will be the person who answers the most questions correctly. If there are multiple people who have answered the same number of questions correctly, the person with the earliest entry will win. All answers can either be found in Red Monkey blog within a single post, or by deduction from reading several posts. Comments are also fair game for inclusion.
You must EMAIL your answers to me at: red-monkey AT coyotethunder DOT com.

Need something easier??? Look at the bottom of the post for a faster chance to win.

Answer at least four. Email me your answers. LIST THE DATE OF THE POST where you found the answer (except for numbers 3 and 8).
1) Where are the Caelum Moor stones now?
2) My first skateboard had what kind of wheels?
3) I went to high school with someone in my list of sidebar links. Who and what's the URL to that blog?
4) How did I change the script of Star Wars (when I was in third grade)?
5) Who offers Amanda Hades DVDs and what is Amanda Hades?
6) One of my third grade teachers made a tactical error. What was the error and what subject did she teach?
7) Who was my illustrious locker partner?
8) Send me a screenshot/JPG/GIF/image of your favourite design from my CafePress site.
9) What Fisher Price toy did I haunt eBay for and finally find?
10) I turned the Little People Village into what?

Luckily, you should be able to use search to find most of these quickly and easily. Maybe I should disable search during this contest? hehehehehe
Naw, I'll play nice. Enjoy the hunt and I hope you'll stick around and read some of these old posts as well as hunt for answers.

Meanwhile, scroll below and read the story of The Red Monkey. :)

UPDATE: In addition to the grand prize of 500 BlogMad credits, I will also give away two additional prizes, both randomly drawn. The first random winner will be picked from those entering the 10 question contest and will win 300 BlogMad credits.
The second random winner will go to someone who emails me with a picture (or the URL of a picture) of THE red monkey ... but it cannot be a picture that is hosted on This winner will get 250 BlogMad credits.
Both of these random winners will be announced May 18th, along with the grand prize winner of the 500 BlogMad credits ... you can only win one of the three contests, but you're welcome to enter all 3! (Well, if you enter the 10 questions, you're entered for the random drawing on the 10 questions, so I suppose you're welcome enter both contests.)

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