Contest Winners
May 18, 2006

It's time to reveal the answers to the 10 Questions and the winners of the contest.

Without further adieu, Beth answered all of the questions first and correctly. In fact, she answered them so fast, that I decided to give away an additional 300 BlogMad credits to a random entrant because I knew from about two hours after the contest had opened, someone had already won the 500! The answers will follow below the announcement of the other winners.

I went to to get the random numbers when choosing the random second place winner for the 10 Questions contest and the winner of the Red Monkey pictures contest. Here's a screenshot of the spreadsheet and the results. The first column of names on the left are for the random 10 Questions drawing ... and the number generator picked: 2 and the second name on the list is Lucy, who gets 300 BlogMad credits. (Click the picture for a larger version - which includes the full link to the random generator.)


The second drawing was for 250 BlogMad credits for sending in a link or picture of the Red Monkey. The number generated was 3 ... and the third name on the list is Seawave. (Click the picture for a larger version - which includes the full link to the random generator.)


Beth's answers:

1) Where are the Caelum Moor stones now? water treatment facility /archives/2005/11/more_caelum_moo.html

2) My first skateboard had what kind of wheels?metal /archives/2005/07/you_cant_be_car.html

3) I went to high school with someone in my list of sidebar links. Who and what's the URL to that blog? Andy

4) How did I change the script of Star Wars (when I was in third grade)? Princess Leia gets Darth Vader Drunk

5) Who offers Amanda Hades DVDs and what is Amanda Hades? 3rd Floor Productions web show about how news doesn't reach the people because of mainstream media being so corporate

6) One of my third grade teachers made a tactical error. What was the error and what subject did she teach?math She announced one day that anyone belonging in the high math class should come over to a certain area /archives/2005/06/the_us_educatio.html

7) Who was my illustrious locker partner? Kyungah Kim (Janet Kim) /archives/2005/05/make_new_friend.html

8) Send me a screenshot/JPG/GIF/image of your favourite design from my CafePress site.

9) What Fisher Price toy did I haunt eBay for and finally find? Sky Surfer /archives/2005/12/the_sky_surfer.html

10) I turned the Little People Village into what? pueblo village

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Lucy said:

OMG! I'm positively verklempt....:)

May 18, 2006 6:51 PM


blueyes said:

Congratulations people!!

May 18, 2006 7:47 PM


michele said:

Congrats to beth! Thanks for the credits you are a
person of your word,cheers......burp!

May 19, 2006 12:10 PM


Beth said:

You don't get it people. I NEVER win anything. I'm proud of myself lol.

May 19, 2006 5:52 PM
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