May 20, 2006

So I'm in Target the other night and on a whim I decide to look at the Play-Doh because we'd talked about making some little PlayDoh shapes and using those for target practice with the airsoft pistols at work. (Hey, we're the creative department ... we're weird that way.) But I notice that the package does not have the huge Non-Toxic scrawled all over it that I remember from being a kid.

So I actually read the fine print. Content ... blah blah blah. Compound colors may vary. Well, that's fine cuz I'm already planning on mixing the blue and yellow to make green, anyway. Then, in bold ... in a paragraph of its own:

Fun to play with, but not to eat.

Okay, that's kinda funny. I would think if they really wanted kids to not eat the stuff, that statement would be somewhere else instead of in the fine print, but ok, whatever. The next paragraph insists that "Molded results vary depending on child's age and level of skill."

Really!??? Do you mean that Play-Doh does not automatically turn everyone into Michelangelo? Hmm. I was unaware of this.

Then, down past the copyright and the list of Hasbro mailing addresses, there's another bit in boldface:

Modeling compound. Not intended to be eaten.

Now this is all a far cry from the large Non-Toxic label that I remember, so I trotted on over to the Hasbro Play-Doh website in an effort to figure out why Play-Doh was no longer listed as Non-Toxic. It wasn't until I looked at their FAQ that I found this:

PLAY-DOH compound is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic except as noted: Children who are allergic to wheat gluten may have an allergic reaction to this product.

Okay, this makes sense, I suppose. With the way some people use the word "toxic" to mean harmful at all, it could be considered harmful to kids with wheat allergies.

But what doesn't make sense to me is this:


Let's see, purchase $20 bottle of perfume ... or 97 cents for a two-pack of Play-Doh to smear around (and then sculpt nifty effigies of the person you're irritated with and act out lovely Gumby scenes). I mean, if you really want to smell like Play-Doh, why not have the fun of playing with Play-Doh too???

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go buy some Mr. Sketch markers so I can smell like licorice tomorrow at church. :)

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michele said:

my mother couldn't afford play doh,but we had surgar water
damn it!

May 20, 2006 7:49 PM

You and your toys!!! I have crayola play-doh that I have never opened yet.

Miss ya!


May 20, 2006 8:30 PM


Jodi said:

I remember the HUGE jar of Paste at school! Kids always ate it,,,not me, of course, lol.

May 21, 2006 10:57 AM


Beth said:

Ya know what I miss? Those GIANT coloring books that at the time seemed about 3ft tall. I have looked all over for one but can't find any!

Red Monkey said: oooooo, yeah! I always looked enviously at those, but my mom would never let me have one. So, a couple of yeasr ago, my cousins found a Batman one and got it for me. :) ... I hunted down a Mercer Mayer activity book on not long ago ... not a single page coloured in or missing. You might try that!
May 22, 2006 6:40 AM
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