Vinyl Update
May 26, 2006

So other than me not paying attention (No! Imagine that!) and recording most of this album in one channel instead of two, I think the digitizing of my records is going quite well. I've converted a piece of one of my favourite Goofy Gold songs to an MP3 (smaller than an AIFF) for you to listen to. So, remember that I forgot to check 2 channels (left and right) and that I have only done the most basic cleanup on this. Pretty good for a song recorded in analog in 1959 or so.

Click here for a snippet of Johnny Horton's "Battle of New Orleans."

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michele said:

ooo vinyl,what kind of records do you have?

Red Monkey says: Well, a little mish-mash of rock and folk, mostly. Simon & Garfunkel, Peter, Paul & Mary, CSN&Y, Irish Rovers, Makem & Clancy, then there's all the Billy Joel (including a Hassles record), some old Cyndi Lauper, pre-Rattle and Hum U2 (I particularly can't wait to digitize "October"), and some more miscellaneous stuff like an Alfred Hitchcock Presents record.
May 27, 2006 10:12 PM
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