Airsoft Update
June 1, 2006

In the spirit of continuing the airsoft experiments, my supervisor yesterday was intensely curious. After all, the graphic designer had now been shot, I'd shot myself ... he wanted to know ... just how bad it hurt. So the graphic designer, upon invitation, shot him in the calf.

He opens his mouth to say, "That doesn't really -- OW!" He looked somewhat shocked. "Doesn't hurt at first, but after!"

Now the only person in the room who hasn't been shot directly, insists that enough experimentation has been done and he feels no burning desire to find out for himself how it truly feels. Ricochet shots and our example is apparently enough for him.

So, the experimentation has moved on. We've discovered that, sadly, airsoft does not penetrate Play-Doh effigies. It will knock over the Star Wars Galactic Heroes StormTrooper, but not Darth Vader. Apparently the force is still strong with that one.

It also leaves small dents in the wall behind the targets.

Particularly if you use a battery operated rapid fire pistol, you can tear a business card to shreds. Or, you can simply catch it just right and knock it to the floor.

You cannot do more than a tiny dent in a coke can, which is sad.

You can "take out" the Star Wars Death Star Pez dispenser, however. Even better is when you angle it just right so that you take out both Grievous AND the Death Star all with one shot.

Of course, after all of this, you then have to rummage through the room looking for little green plastic BBs which have mysteriously, in the manner of toys everywhere, multiplied far beyond the original number.

Several people have asked now where in the world I could possibly work that would allow me to not only have toys all over my cube, but not throw a screaming fit about firing off an airsoft pistol in the office. Well, I'm part of an online company's creative department. You know, advertising and such. So between being one of the "creatives" and being a part of the geeky web coders, the toys are actually kinda normal. The airsoft is a bit more unusual, but just about everyone comes down here to use it now.

One day, I am determined, Darth Vader shall fall to a sparkling green BB shot. One day.

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jarhead john said:

If you're using a spring type gun, you can replace the spring with a more stout one (look up machinist, clock repair, or somethign like that in the yellow pages and start calling about hard to find springs), or simply stretch the heck out of the one that comes with it. You'd be dramatically impressed with the results. We had one that would only dent a soda can, stretched the spring, and it will penetrate both sides easily now.

Just a thought.

June 2, 2006 12:22 AM


Allison said:

You hiring?

Sounds like a fun place to work!

June 2, 2006 6:34 AM
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