Odd Week
June 10, 2006

It's been an odd kind of week for me. I had a great idea for a post to use on Thursday, but by the time I had some time to sit down and write it, I'd completely forgotten what it was. I mean completely. No clue even the topic, much less the specifics. Knew I should have jotted down a note or two while I was thinking about it. I thought that on Friday, I would write about being interviewed by the local paper, but after the two hour interview was over with Thursday night (nothing so interesting as blogging, of course), I really didn't want to write anything about it until after the article itself comes out ... and that may be weeks, of course.

Instead, I give you another bit of vector drawings from The Incredibles. This comes from the credit roll at the end of the movie ... to the left of the Incredicar, you'll see iconic line drawings of the family ... this is from the same clip during the credits of the movie. And, apparently Brad Bird also had those icons made into a shirt, as he's wearing a black T with those icons in white during one of the interviews on the DVD.

Anyhow, here's the link ... enjoy!

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