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June 30, 2006

Okay, so several people commented that the picture of 14 monkeys constituted a collection. Maybe for most people that would ... but not for me. In general, I collect toys. Also, books. Within those two large collections, there are subsets. For example, I collect the pre-1990 Fisher Price Little People. The last time I attempted to catalog and count just the peoples, I had well over 400 of the little guys. I would guess right now that I'm in the 500-600 range just in the people. I think I now have every Fisher Price Little People base piece as well. That means the brown house, the yellow and blue house, the McDonald's, the Nifty Station Wagon, the castle, the Sesame Street buildings ... and the list is way longer. Most of those sets, I have all the little pieces for. A lot of this stuff I got at garage sales and thrift stores, but some of it I bought off eBay and Fisher Price swap meets. In fact, one year I got to go to Toy Fest in East Aurora, New York ... home of Fisher Price.

And, because I enjoy working with my hands and re-creating nifty things, I even did this to an old beat-up Fisher Price Little People village building:

(Click to go to the post about this building set)

This takes up an entire 12' bookcase ... and spills over a bit. My plan is to eventually have a nice little outbuilding where I can set up a Fisher Price Little People museum. The intent is to set up a town kind of along the lines of a model railroad set-up. I already have sections of this town kind of set up in my head ... and a plan for making the cars and such move around the town ... it'll be awesome if I can ever find the money and space to do it.

So to me, THAT'S a collection.

Then there's the Fisher Price Adventure People. I've got all but one set, there, I think. That's about a decade's worth of a toy line. Then there's Star Wars ... divided into Original Star Wars toys ... and New Star Wars toys. Then there's a smattering of Batman stuff ... mostly playsets so that in one of the rooms of my toy museum I can build this awesome freaking batcave that I have planned out in my head. And, of course, to populate that, I have nearly every figure from the Batman: The Animated Series lines.

As a subset of the Batman figures, I think I have just about every single modern Robin action figure that's been made. Even the really stupid re-paint versions. Hey, I'm a sucker for the little sidekick. In fact, there's a shot of the 8 Robin figures I have in my office here.

Young Dick Grayson

Then, there's a sub-set of action figures I collect as well ... kids. The girl from one of the Jurassic Park movies, the kid from Lost in Space, the Captain Planet kids, Space Academy, etc.

Umm, yeah ... I collect stuff. :)

Some people think I'm nuts or a "hoarder" for having all these toys. Eh, I prefer to think of it as fun. I enjoy getting new pieces, getting them fit into the collection, setting up dioramas ... and I really, really, really look forward to the day that I can actually set up my little toy museum.

But the monkeys a collection? Eh, not so much. At least, not for me.

But, something occurs to me now ... several people have commented on the toy posts I've made in the past. Would anyone be interested in my starting a toy category and perhaps posting one of my toys and its story once a week or something? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

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EuroYank said:

Great Blog! Easy to read. Well written. Great colors!

June 30, 2006 6:55 AM


Ol Lady said:

sounds like you really enjoy your collections. And that's the way life should be :) doing things that one enjoys. Ol Man and I are somewhat of collectors ourselves. We love auctions, yard sales, second hand shops, ect anything where we can get a deal on something weird. I also have a variety of old toys. If there is a particular fisher price item that your looking for drop me a line and I'll take a look around I might be able to help you out. I recently got a bunch of fisher price toys from a friend - he was cleaning out his basement and getting rid of his old toys, so being the nice person I am I took them for him :)

June 30, 2006 8:31 AM
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