Terror and the Bagthorpes
June 2, 2006

So, I have this great love of a young adult series called the Bagthorpes. I mean, these are some of the best kids' books I've ever read. Hysterically funny. Back in October, I posted about them, listing the one that I thought I was missing (only to discover I'm missing Bagthorpes Battered as well as the Bagthorpe Triangle). I thought I'd run a fast eBay check for them, and had to look up the names of the ones I was missing. What I see on my blog is this (click through for the larger picture):

This does just boggle the imagination, doesn't it? I don't think the word terrorist appears in that post at all. Nor Iraq, nor weapons of mass destruction, nor anything else that might lead to Adsense thinking terrorism ads might be a valuable link here.

As near as I can figure out ... the main kid in these stories is Jack. Everyone in the U.S., it seems, is obsessed with Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer fights terrorism. Hence, anti-terrorism ads on my blog.

Jack Bagthorpe is NOTHING like Jack Bauer. For one thing, Young Master Bagthorpe is from the U.K. Another, he's 11. Another, he's ordinary. That's why the first book is called Ordinary Jack. He can't get around the house in 10 minutes, let alone get around LA in ten minutes.

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Radioactive Jam said:

I'm easily amused, and AdSense rarely disappoints. Two I've noted:
"Terrorism / Should Bush Be Replaced? Respond Now And You Can Get A Free Laptop!"
And my personal favorite:
"Anti Monkey Butt Powder / Great prices Ideal for butt busting activites"

June 2, 2006 1:12 PM


AJ said:

Bagthorpes RULE. If you ever find "Bagthorpes Battered" let me know. It's like the Holy Grail for me. (I once posted on ebay a "Want it now" & offered fifty US for it & no one took me up...)

July 1, 2006 11:28 AM
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