The Airsoft Update
June 19, 2006

I still cannot get Darth Vader to fall over.

I am sad. I am depressed. I can shoot the two Pez dispensers from across the room and topple Grievous and the Death Star (sometimes with a single shot, if I get the angles just right). I can kill the little Storm Trooper, no problem. But no matter how many times I drill Airsoft BBs at Darth Vader, he stands resolute. I would say he's an immovable object, except that with each BB that strikes him, he moves further and further back, retreating beneath my onslaught.

But he never falls.

Yeah, umm, I had four hours of sleep last night.

I had intended to write something today about Juneteenth ... but with four hours of sleep, my brain cannot seem to rise above the obsession with shooting Darth Vader in just the right spot to knock him over. Maybe it was the fact that I read Betrayal last night when I couldn't sleep. (A Star Wars book ... really good if you like the concept of Star Wars. Good enough that I'm going to have to find some of the others by this same author.)

and then ... then ... THEN ...

I've been freaking tagged. :(

I normally do not do them because they are evil spawn of satan. But ... just to prove why I should not be tagged, I'll do this one.

five things in my fridge
milk (2%)
diet Vanilla Pepsi
sliced cheese

five things in my closet
not me!
skateboard helmet
cowboy hat
stage sword
neon green sleeping bag

five things in my purse
my WHAT????

five things in my car
transmission fluid
brake fluid

five people to tag:
the sun
the moon
the stars
the trees
the internet at large


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Brian Capozzi said:


Thanks for all the support. I am now officiallyhome. Do you all still use the shoutbox? If so, can you email me the password and stuff? See you around

June 20, 2006 9:37 AM


Luka said:

whoo hoo! :-) you did it , you did it! :-)

June 20, 2006 9:43 AM
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