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August 21, 2006

I've been there. Totally broke, credit gone, health insurance useless to help me pay the bills, and then, something else breaks or disappears and has to be replaced. For me, it was finding out that my cat had cancer. This was the kitten who imprinted as human and tried for the first six weeks that I had him to learn to walk on his hind legs "like everyone else." This was the kitten who followed me around like a dog, and was the sweetest, most loving cat I've ever known. When I was down and broke and just about hopeless and found out that he had to either have a leg amputated or be put down, I ran through the house looking for something, anything, to sell to raise the money for his surgery.

I found my old Viewmaster reels and a Viewmaster from the 40s or 50s (I think). I listed them all out, some of them rather old and hopefully worth money. And I put a note at the end of the pre-eBay "auction" listing on a newsgroup: Please don't flame me if I've put a too-high starting bid. I'm trying to raise money for my cat's surgery to remove the cancer from his leg."

You know what? No one bid on those Viewmasters. Instead, I got donations. Someone Fed Ex'd me a crisp $100 dollar bill. Checks came in over a week's time. Brenden got his surgery and lived another five years before passing of old age.

E.J. Knapp needs some help. He's lost his job and had to go on disability. His retirement savings is gone. He's gonna lose the house. But now, the bank's taken his car and he's got just about a day left to raise enough money to save the car so he can make it to doctor appointments, therapy, and just keeping food in the house. Trust me, the mass transit in New Mexico ain't great, so when he says "the transit system in this town is all but non-existent" he ain't kidding.

He's selling short stories for $2 a pop. He's got under $150 left to raise ... if he doesn't raise it by August 23, 2006 (it looks like) ... then the car is gone and he's pretty well screwed. He doesn't want charity. He wants to give you something tangible in return.

Help him out ... direct link to the short stories being offered.

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