Kitchen Sink
August 4, 2006

I'm utterly swamped at work right now, which means by the time I get home, I'm too exhausted to think, much less continue working on the computer. So, the template tweaks are undone (I know the sidebar shows up way low on the page on the test url ... depending, that is, on which browser you're using.)

So, I've collected some fun links for you to amuse yourself. First of course, is the happy new t-shirt:

Separate Church and Hate shirt

Next, Cap'n Platy from the Platypus Society wanted to know if my Red Monkey was moonlighting as the driver of a 4x4 ice racer ... I have to say it certainly looks like my Red Monkey, but he didn't tell me he was accepting an evening job ... hmmm ... I'll have to look at his contract again. Thanks for the heads-up, Cap'n!

My Monkey drives?

Last, I ran a search for t-shirts the other day and found the t-shirts from hell. Seriously. Check them out. They are politically incorrect, offensive as ... well, offensive as hell, and most of them are downright funny as hell, too. An example of politically incorrect (and just downright wrong ... as a Texan I'm offended): Don't Mess With Texas ... it's not nice to pick on retards (See, I told you ... politically incorrect ... mean ... and yet, despite the fact that I HATE the word retard, I laughed when I saw it.)

Now, it's 5:20 a.m. here and I have to head in to work. I'll probably be there another 10 hours today. And if I don't get a crapload done today, I'll probably be back there Saturday and possibly Sunday as well. Oooo, it's the weekend! NOT.

oh yeah ... here's the link to Monkey Kickoff ... actually my best score was 4733, but I've lost that link now.

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shane said:

those t-shirts are a riot.

August 6, 2006 9:51 PM
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