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August 15, 2006

Still tinkering with the template. The right sidebar is rendering in a slightly different position for every single browser at the moment which is seriously ticking me off. However, it's close enough for government work, as my ninth grade science teacher used to tell us on a regular basis.

Except for Safari and Opera, where the right sidebar is down at the bottom of the bloody frigging page.

I don't suppose I have any readers who might be willing to look at the ruddy stylesheet and help me figure out what the bloody hell I'm doing wrong? I know it can be done, I've studied the stylesheets of folks who do get it to work but can't quite puzzle out what I'm doing wrong. Of course, I've not looked at any of those sites in Safari or Opera, so perhaps I'm chasing a mythical stylesheet.

At any rate, some bits will be moving up and down and from sidebar to side bar as I try to get things how I like it.

And then, of course, there'll be the inevitable skins added in later on. Like I can stop fiddling with anything.

Meanwhile, lest you forget:

Well, I'm rumblin' in this JCB.
I'm five years old and my dad's a giant sitting beside me.
And the engine rattles my bum like beserk
While we're singin, "Don't forget your shovel if you want to go to work"
My dad's probably had a bloody hard day
But he's been good fun and bubblin' and jokin' away
And the procession of cars stuck behind
Are gettin' all impatient and angry, but we don't mind.
An' we're holding up the by pass ... oh
Me and my dad havin' a top laugh ... oh woah
I'm sittin' on the toolbox ... oh
And I'm so glad I'm not in school, boss
So glad I'm not in school ... oh no ...

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