Bits and Pieces
September 20, 2006

Just a couple of random pieces I've been working on lately.


The first one was a relatively simple cut out placed over a background. If I hadn't been so danged preoccupied and short on time the last few days I would have made the "Hate Me" look much more like a tattoo. I will probably continue working on that next week when I have some time (I hope).

The second one was a bit more work. I had already found a nice blue butterfly some time back, but the site I wanted to advertise had a bit of a connection to red, so I wanted to change the moth/butterfly to a red hue to match (even though there's a blue butterfly on her blog comments/what.gif). I worked with the butterfly first since that would be the central piece of this ad block and used the adjust hue function in each colour channel to change the overall colour. Once I had the hues adjusted, I decided I wanted to toy with making this block look a bit more like a painting than just a photo. So, I copied that layer and began experimenting with the sketch filters. (NEVER, EVER apply filters without first making a copy of that layer ... maybe you'll have redundant layers that you can delete later ... but chances are at some point you'll have need for that unaltered layer!) I believe I finally settled on a nice dry brush, but then I faded the filter a bit to bring back some more of the detail to the image.

Next, I highjacked the sunflower from the person's blog and again used adjust hue to colourize the sunflower since the original was in black and white. A much more faded version of the dry brush filter was used here.

The clouds were cut out and inserted ... but depending on which monitor I'm using ... well, on some monitors the clouds work ... on others I'm not so sure that they do. I think they may simply confuse the issue of the flower ... why do the clouds which appear so distant also appear in front of a section of the flower? Ah well ... not bad for about 45 minutes playing. comments/what.gif

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Red said:

Well speaking for the person you did it for I know she loves it and is very apprecitive of your time and talents. You rock dude!

September 21, 2006 10:01 AM


Sally said:

Hmmm, I like that tie!

September 26, 2006 11:29 PM
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