Blogmad Credits 101
September 25, 2006

cog.pngBlogmad credits explained for newbies (and those of us who have been around for a while, too!)

We have 4 mechanisms at work here

1. The surf bar (earns you credits as well as costs your credits - you earn a credit per blog browsed, lose a credit every time your blog is shown while someone else is surfing)
2. The varb browsing system ( costs you credits at a cost of 1/4 of a credit per view)
3. Games (may cost you or may earn you credits depending on your luck and or skills)
4. Text links and banners ( can also earn you and cost you credits)

The surf bar uses 1 credit for every visit we send you. The credits that you surf are then turned into visitors. Your blogs browsed is the total number of credits earned with the exception of winnings from games.

Although the varb hits were not being counted towards your total number of views received which is displayed on your blog's information page.

We assume that nearly 25% of traffic that you will receive will be via the varb browsing.

Because the varb browser attracts all manner of visitors from other sites that do not have to log into the site, and we are still displacing those credits but not paying anyone to browse the site using the varb browser, we are managing to increase the ratio that a person's blog is entitled to. More often than not its greater than 1:1.

Because of the fact that we are not paying out any credits for people using the varb browser, we have managed to "save" into the system a number of credits.

Together with the initial 10% fee for playing certain games, it allows us to sell credits which are not being used and are over and above the amount that the system can fairly generate while still providing a ratio of 1:1 or greater.

We also do not currently monitor the cost of banner credits that are being used up as well as credits that are being used to display the text links that you set up to be displayed on other peoples blogs. We estimate this to be almost 12% we are aiming to make this information 100% accurate in the next release.

We managed to save up 50,000 credits which are now on sale, once those get sold we will only sell what we can save rather than overuse or double charge people for views.

If at any time you are curious as to where your Blogmad credits went, try and work out your ratio by viewing your blogs information page on blogmad. Go the directory and search for your blog, you will see an information page. Divide the number of visits you received added together with any credits you may have given away by the number of blogs you browsed added with the total number of unused credits you have available, you should be a little less than 1 ... probably around .85 , that's the ratio without factoring in Varb or Text links or game losses, add a conservative 30% and you have a greater than 1 ratio.

These numbers are being read straight out of the database and cannot be skewed. Although the percentages aren't an exact science, its a pretty close equation.

Also to allow people to better manage their credits, in our next release within the next 4 - 6 weeks we are totally redeveloping the way that people can manage their credits. You will be able to allocate X amount of credits to certain functions and will be in total control of how your credits get allocated.


Now, I've also heard some concerns about not using PayPal for the purchase of credits and while I know that I do not want to sign up with another payment company, the problem here is that the guys are in South Africa and hence, are constricted by South African law. Apparently, the financial rules are quite tight and PayPal is simply not an option. Of course, that's gonna leave out a lot of people from easily buying credits ... but there's just only so much the guys can do now. They are looking at what they can do to bring PayPal online as fast as possible since we all know that PayPal has such a huge reputation and so many people already signed up with it.

There ya go ... Blogmad credits explained.

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Paul said:

Nice post ender and yes, PayPal is restrictive, but we are looking for a way around it.

September 25, 2006 10:48 AM


Pugs said:

Like I said in the Shout Box, this is a good post ender.
Thanks for the visit.

September 25, 2006 2:21 PM


Sue said:

Thank you for explaining this all. I have been enjoying Blog Mad and it certainly does provide a lot of hits.

September 26, 2006 8:35 AM
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