Jesus Camp
September 24, 2006

This terrifies me. (It's a You-Tube video in the extended entry section.)

Jesus Camp is a documentary film about Becky Fischer's Kids on Fire camp, but follows three youngsters and their involvement in what they see as a Jesus movement.

Now look, people who are rational and fervent in their beliefs don't frighten me. I don't care if those beliefs are Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Democrat, Republican, or whatever. If you can discuss your beliefs without trying to force them on someone else ... without insisting that those beliefs are "undoubtedly correct and the only way" ... then we're cool.

People who think they should die for "the one, true way" scare the crap outa me.

Check out the video in the extended link ... and more commentary after that.

The things that frighten me about this little sound byte of info are:
1) children in camo and militaristic mindset ... even though the kids are apparently performing in a recital or revival or something. I do not want children to lay their lives down for the lord in quite that violent way. To me, Jesus was about peace and love and turning the other cheek. I'm not saying that I, personally, am always able to accomplish that myself ... just saying that training children otherwise frightens me.

2) at least the people in these clips are not very concerned with open dialogue. I know that the gentleman from Fuller Theological says that the youth movement is training kids to engage in open dialogue, but the clip from the Kids on Fire camp does not indicate anything other than indoctrination.

NOTE: I am commenting on the CLIP ... not the actual Kids on Fire camp nor these people ... this might simply be a news clip which is showing only the most "damning" portions.

3) I am offended at the stupidity of the news clip to insinuate that every child who attends a Christian rock concert or goes ot a Christian sponsored skateboard competition ... or whatever, is also to be compared to the children who are the focus of the Jesus Camp documentary. That is just lame. There are variations in every movement and I don't think that you can compare a Christian rock concert with some of what we see in these clips of the Kids on Fire camp. Also, when you are talking about Christian rock ... you are for the most part talking about older people, not 8 and 10 year olds. A 15 year old is more able to think things through on his own than an 8 year old.

What are your opinions? Will you be checking out this documentary? How do you feel about what you've seen of the Kids on Fire camp (and the news coverage of this camp, the movie and Christian youth movements in general)?

Just a couple of questions. comments/exciting.gif

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Chris said:

The clips from Fire Camp were obviously taken for shock value (and shocking they were) but I doubt the entire camp was like that. Christian soldiers are more about defending the faith than they are about taking up arms and going to "war" (surely there are some kooks who talk of real war and bombing abortion clinics, but those are freakjob kooks more than they are true Christians).

For comparison, watch this documentary, then search for the islamic children documentary clips on youtube. The Christian Fire Camp is preschool compared to those (although we are at the mercy of the translator in some of the clips).

In the end Christian fundamentalists, though they can be annoying, are for the most part harmless (not counting the kooks who feel justified to kill in the name of God. They are idiots and murderers and in the eyes of their own religion will be judged as such).

Red Monkey says: True that the clips of the camp were chosen to be inflammatory -- one of the issues I have with news programs today is that they are not even trying to show "just the news" but to garner sensationalism and ratings points. However, I don't think the clips are likely to be unfairly inflammatory since the woman running the camp has said that she thinks this makes a great marketing tool for her camp.
September 25, 2006 1:07 AM


Peety said:

Love your new emoticons

Mm interesting video..

Wishing you a wonderful begin to your week, Ender..*hugs*

September 25, 2006 3:06 AM
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