September 12, 2006

I now officially heart.png Goodstorm.com.

I ordered one each of my own t-shirts (I'm just a geek that way) and I love them. The t-shirt quality is great, the print quality is wonderful. If you are looking to sell some shirts, I highly recommend Goodstorm.com over CafePress. While CafePress does do more than just the t-shirts, their products seem to be a bit hit or miss. I wouldn't trust their black t-shirt print process just yet after they messed up a pair of shirts (with one of my designs) sent out to a customer who was prepared to order several more. Unfortunately, after one washing, the shirt's design fell off in the wash.

At Goodstorm.com, though, I'm loving the design freedom in terms of image size and placement. They're a lot more flexible and the products are just wonderful. Now, I just need more than 3 designs! Meanwhile, please peruse the meager offerings ... I've been working on a few more, but my vector art skills are a bit slow still and I've been a little ahhh, obsessed, I suppose, the last week with a new project ... finally have the first character for my own cartoon ... have him sketched out on paper in black and white ... now I've got to get him into vectors and begin playing with colour. (Although I am beginning to toy with the idea of a greyscale cartoon instead ... or really muted colours ... hmmm.)

At any rate, check out the shirts. And if there's a shirt you've always wanted to have, but haven't been able to draw it, let me know and I'll get it set up on Goodstorm.com for you.

Red Monkey IN JEANS!
Aww, Have a Heart
Separate Church and Hate shirt

And, if you like warped beyond all measure, don't forget to check out T-Shirt Hell which has some of the most WARPED shirts I've ever seen. The kind that are a guilty pleasure to laugh at. The kind that'll really tick off the neighbors, your parents, your boss. "Also available in sober" ... "Don't Mess with Texas ... it's not nice to pick on the retards" ... "Canadians are Eh'holes" ... "I Heart Transitive Pictograph Verbalizations" (you'll have to look for the shirt ... the picture will make you laugh) ... nothing is sacred there and everything is either funny, offensive or both! Not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. (Really ... some of that stuff at T-shirt Hell is raunchy ... but most of it's funny.)

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Sunny Mathur said:

Those shirts are a bit warped and for the most part funny. Another website that i find as funny as t-shirt hell is www.tshirtcrib.com they have a bunch of t-shirts are are just as offensive and most crude. check them out most of their stuff is pretty funny.

Red Monkey says: Sunny (and general readers), to be perfectly up front, I've edited the comment a bit. I've removed the direct link, but left the text link for people who are interested in checking this site out ... some of the examples were rather sexually explicit which made me a bit uncomfortable. So, check them out if that doesn't bother you (I'm just a prude).
September 12, 2006 11:16 AM


jackiesue said:

i like the 'fuck you i'm from texas' tshirt...i may get one myownself....

September 12, 2006 1:06 PM


marlon said:

we like to wholesale the red monkey apparell line,for those monkey lovers like myself.

May 26, 2007 2:13 PM
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