October 2, 2006

I love animation. And the Esurance commercials out in the U.S. right now are absolutely charming. If you've not seen these, there's an example at the bottom of this post. (Hopefully by the time you've finished reading this post, it'll have loaded through youtube.)

The nice thing about these is that they employ a particular style of animating which minimizes some of the movements. This allows them to utilize the creative time to come up with some really nice plots for 30 second commercials and also spend some time creating kick-ass characters. These have been done by the Ghostbot team for Wildbrain. What I love about these is they're beautifully done. The style is distinct, the Flash animation is nicely done for the time and budget constraints of a 30 second commercial. I really love the way the characters flow and the animations flow.

*sigh* I've GOT to finish working up my character sketches and start moving the pieces into Flash if I'm going to make the next Nicktoons and/or Cartoon Network contest. It stinks when you've got a great black and white sketch done ... and really don't know what colour palette is going to best work ... at the moment, I'm ignoring colour palette and going to get the major character into Flash, then experiment with colour in the library.

I have just realized that unless you like Flash animation, I have TOTALLY lost my entire audience with this post. Oops. I'll try to get some scans uploaded in the next day or so so you can at least look at the somewhat budding cartoon. comments/exciting.gif

And now, one of the Esurance commercials:

Oh, for good measure ... check out more drawing goodness at the Drawing Board.

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julia said:

i know basically zilch about Flash, but I can appreciate good commercials with the rest of 'em! My favourite has nothing to do with Flash:

But it's genius.

Have a good one :)

October 2, 2006 11:26 AM
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