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December 31, 2006

We all get weird hits for bizarre search terms. It's the nature of having a category page or a long post ... eventually the words someone has put into a very odd order are going to show up on your page. Probably not all together as the searcher was apparently hoping ... still.

Someone from Houston, Texas, got to my site with the search term: lesbian monkey metaphor.

Obviously they did not enter "lesbian monkey metaphor" which would have only showed pages which used that phrase as three consecutive words. I feel quite certain that until today I never ever ever said anything about any lesbian monkey metaphor.


I'm going to get more hits for this now that I've posted about it, aren't I?

Ah well. I had to share this because it's just so freaking bizarre.

Also today I noticed a few stellar stand-bys:
what the song the guy sing with the monkey
red monkey jeans
what is the red monkey jeans
do red monkey jeans exist (answer ... I wish they did not!)

and then the one that always makes me hurt:
hodgkin's disease what is the price to pay

Hodgkin's might be cancer lite, but it's still cancer and I never like to see someone searching for it as it likely means someone they know is affected by it.

Meanwhile, I'm hovering near the phone today. I found out this morning that a good friend of mine was rushed to the hospital this morning. I've no idea what the prognosis is, where they've taken him, when he can have visitors. This doesn't look like an auspicious beginning to 2007 so far, but hey, maybe he'll be fine and that'll make it a great start to the year, right? Right?

Lesbian Monkey Metaphor

Where do people come up with this shit?
Oh ... and Mr. from Houston, Texas? I'm sorry you're stuck with a Windows XP machine, but you really might want to switch over to FireFox instead of IE 6 ... you're already running a machine prone to virii and the like. You might want to switch to a browser that's a bit better than that crap Microsoft hands out like Chiclets on the border.
Just saying.

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mike said:

Happy New Year Pumpkin....and I hope your friend who was taken to the hospital turns out well.

December 31, 2006 7:28 PM


pkelley said:

Happy New Years!

December 31, 2006 11:26 PM


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