The Mind Boggles
February 8, 2007

Oh my. Oh dear. I mean, really.

Run to see the newest thing in model railway accessories. I KNOW you're not all that interested. But you really really really do wanna see this. Trust me. You do.

The mind boggles.

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MsDemmie said:

Thank you for the traffic ........... can I go and play the Fat Controller now?

February 8, 2007 1:07 PM


Kristyn said:

Consider my mind thoroughly boggled!

February 8, 2007 7:02 PM


matt said:

This might sound odd, but what else is new?

I found this site because my eleven year old son told me the joke about "People think I have ADHD, but i think, hey, look a chicken" and I decided to see if there's a t-shirt like that to get for each of us since we're both blessed with it.

I googled the phrase and here's where I was led; kind of like kismet, i think because I absolutely love the comments and posts here.

Of course, I haven't found a shirt, so if anyone knows where one might be obtained we'd be greatly aprreciative. Until such time, however, I think I will spend large portions of time here, when i'm not in paris or saint-petersburg. I love being with people i can understand and relate to.

Speaking of t-shirts, have you heard Kelly's "Let me borrow that top?" That's what led to my son telling me the joke and the search and, well, before i rant on to something else, here i am for better or worse.

February 11, 2007 3:57 PM
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