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February 8, 2007
I'm gonna be rich. Rich, I tell ya. And I'll remember all my poor li'l blogging buddies when I'm rich, really I will. Maybe I'll even start my own blogging host with all my millions of dollars.
See, I got this great email from a soldier in Iraq and you know what? He SCORED, man. Oh wow, did he ever. He got Saddam's money, man! And he's picked li'l ole ME to help him get it into the States. Wow. I'm flattered to be so trusted by this dude. It's amazing ... here ... lemme share the good news with you:
FROM: Sgt. John J. Guy

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is John J. Guy I am an American soldier, I am serving in the military of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regimient,Patrols Tal Afar, in Iraq.

I am presently in Kuwait for the mean time. I apologized using this medium to reach you for a transaction/business of this magnitude. Please view this link to see my picture: and

We have in our possession the sum of US$25,000,000.00 (Twenty Five Million US Dollars), which belongs to Saddam Hussein. These funds have been moved and kept safe in a Security Company, please view this link for more details:
Basically since we are working for the American Government, we cannot keep these funds, but we want to transfer and move the funds to you, so that you can keep it for us in your safe account or an offshore account.

I have the authority of my partners involved to propose that should you be willing to assist us in this transaction, your share of the sum will be 30% of the US$25 million, 60% for us and 10% will be kept aside for expenses and rest assure that this business is 100% safe on your part provided you treat it with utmost secrecy and confidentiality. Therefore, if you are interested, Please reply immediately via my private email address: with your Full Name, Current Mailing Address and your
confidential Telephone and Fax numbers for easy communication.

Upon your response, I shall then provide you with more details that will help you understand the transaction. Please observe utmost confidentiality, and be rest assured that this business is risk free.

Respectfully submitted,
Sgt. John J. Guy

Oooops. I guess I should have read this more carefully before posting. I guess it's not going to be a risk free operation now, huh? AH WELL.

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MsDemmie said:

Do you want my Russian oil magnate as well ?

February 8, 2007 5:48 AM


Shelly said:

Well, there IS $8.8 billion dollars missing in Iraq. Maybe he's got some of it.

February 9, 2007 8:23 AM
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