Whirling Dervish
February 2, 2007
1. Go to amazon.com
2. Remove everything from the address bar, then copy & paste the following into it:
javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5; DIS.top=Math.cos(R*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0);
3. Hit enter.

This will work on any site using HTML to place the images ... if the site uses CSS to position the images, it won't work. Don't believe me? Try it on this page and you'll see the two Mooninite images move to a different spot ... but they won't whirl for you. Try the CSS Zen Garden ... won't work there either.


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SpicyBug said:

That was really neat. Thanks for sharing.

February 2, 2007 6:13 PM


MsDemmie said:

Very clever !

February 3, 2007 7:36 AM


desbest said:

which clever arse invented that?

February 3, 2007 4:51 PM


Laura said:

That was cool!

February 3, 2007 6:25 PM


trish said:

Blogmad hit. :) Scooped this post and gave you linky love! Very cool! :D

February 3, 2007 6:31 PM


Smash said:

Actually endy I think youve booboo'ed there cos your Mooninite images do whirl, as do the 9 rules, readers/technorati/blogmad and sitemeter images! Heh. You know you can trust smashy to fook your ideas up! hahahah. Hoep youre well.

February 3, 2007 7:03 PM


blueyes said:

Umm, dunno what you are talking 'bout ma'am. I just did it with amazon, my site and your site. Amazon and my site had the images coming in from the top left going round in a circle. Your site had the images coming in from the right all wonky and in a sorta circle.

Red Monkey says: Hmm ... well, I forget that not everyone uses FireFox exclusively ... I only checked the trick in on a peecee and a Mac ... totally forgot to look at Opera or the evile IE .... Ah well. It's still a weird and silly little trick.
February 4, 2007 1:35 AM


Danny said:

Thats strange, but cool

February 4, 2007 12:09 PM


RAZZ said:


February 7, 2007 1:08 PM


Jeremy said:

I can't believe I just dopped random code into my browser and let 'er rip. You want me to help you get your money out of Nigeria now?

Red Monkey says: Nigeria? Naw, that's old hat. Wanna help an American soldier get Saddam's money out of Iraq, though? I'll even show you pictures of the soldier in uniform so you'll KNOW it's the real deal.
February 7, 2007 9:52 PM


fairportfan said:

worked fine in Opera.

March 15, 2008 9:48 PM
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