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March 11, 2007

Finally, CafePress is no longer the only game in town. Seems like every time I turn around, there's another company who will let you upload your own graphics onto their products ... some so that you can buy the stuff you want ... like, for example, where you can upload your own graphic and make a skin for your iPod, laptop, game station or even cell phone. There's where you can make your own wine label ... where you can make your own skateboard deck ... or you can buy the one that I designed:

Petroglyph Skateboard Graphic

(If that link doesn't work ... click the Shop button on the BoardPusher site, then CoyoteThunder ... you'll see it there.)

But probably the best of all of these companies is

From their website:

Founded by serial entrepreneur Yobie Benjamin and venture capitalist and philanthropist Andy Rappaport, GoodStorm empowers organizations and individuals to generate higher income from e-commerce sales. The company develops and provides free ecommerce tools and technologies, including their new T-shirt Wizard ( ), for sellers to create online stores to market print-on-demand apparel and co-branded merchandise through

In other words, you open a store, you get more of the profits. The better news is this: the quality of their products is EXCELLENT. The printing is well-done, it adheres to the t-shirts well. I wish they had more products available than just t-shirts, but I will say that I've been highly impressed with the quality of their shirts. I've ordered several shirts from them ... of my own design, cuz I'm just that much of a geek, and I gotta say, I love them.

And now they've added something new. A T-shirt wizard that will let you offer a t-shirt with your logo or design ... AND let your customer add their own text or design to it as well. Check this out at Craigslist. And, that's not all (wait, that sounds like a Romco commercial or whatever, doesn't it? Oops. But seriously ... this gets even cooler). If you set up a store with their t-shirt wizard, you can enable a community opt-in feature. This will allow people who order your stuff ... which they've then personalized with their phrase or image (or both) ... and now that design is ALSO available on your site.

Red Monkey Shirt

And, of course, I encourage everyone to buy a nice Red Monkey shirt. The Red Monkey is even wearing jeans! (Cuz we don't want any nekkid monkeys ... oh lord, what have I done? The weird search engine hits I'm gonna get for that phrase now ... sheesh.)

If you're not inclined toward making graphics, I encourage you to look through the site because they have managed to capture a LOT of talented people there. The Daily Kos, WordPress, Craig's List and others do their shirts through and I've found a TON of designs that I adore every time I peruse the site.

And ... if you are graphically inclined ... it costs nothing to set up your own store. Quite an improvement over CafePress' $60 a year for a "professional" shop (which allows you to use more than one design on a product). Which also means that unlike CafePress, GoodStorm doesn't stick you for a year's fee and then refuse to refund it when you close the store down. (Which is what happened to me. They charged me for a second year ... I didn't remember it was coming up that fast ... I closed the store as soon as I got the "receipt" that I'd been charged another $60 and quickly informed CafePress ... their response: "We don't give refunds for that." Nice ... real nice. There's $60 completely wasted.)

Now, go buy my skateboard deck and some t-shirts. Please? comments/exciting.gif

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MsDemmie said:

That would be a novel idea .......... me on a skateboard !

March 12, 2007 12:25 PM
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