Holy Crap, Network-Exec-man II
April 4, 2007

WTF? I mean really. A show comes on that's intelligent, funny, clever and above all, engaging and well-acted ... and the damn network pulls it.

I am, of course, speaking of The Black Donnellys.

The show is fascinating. You've got a totally unreliable narrator who claims to not be there ... then tells the story ... then the cops turn around and say, hey, I thought you said you weren't there ... and then he edits things. So you never fully know how much you can trust Joey the Ice Cream's stories. (And who doesn't love that nickname? I mean, now THAT is a classic.)

The main characters are fascinating ... flawed and heroic ... trying to get by ... trying to better themselves ... well, except for Jimmy who just wants the easy cash.

Honestly, this show and Heroes are the only reasons I enjoy American television. I mean, I like Bones and House ... but they're very typical and kind of run of the mill. House has more unusual characterizations and thereby a somewhat more interesting plot and show ... but it's still "just" another doctor show. Bones has a great chemistry and it's wonderful to see some very realistic academic type characters being themselves.

BRING BACK BLACK DONNELLYS, NBC. Good lord. God forbid television should be freaking intelligent and keep the audience guessing.

I'm disgusted. Yet another reason for me to draw more and spend less time in front of the damn boob tube.

Fooken NBC.

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Lyndon said:

This is why I've given up on television. Because everytime you find something that you like, the networks cancel it. They all seem to want instant success and don't have the patience to let a show build an audience.

Sorry to hear about your show :-( lost count of how many of my favorites got cancelled to be replaced by crappy reality shows.

April 8, 2007 6:39 PM
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