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April 27, 2007

So ... my dah-link buddy Jodi allowed herself to be "interviewed" by another blogger ... and then asked anyone who also wanted to be interviewed by her to leave her a comment. The questions Jodi chose to ask me are:

1. If you were to run for President: Who would you want as your VP? And what would your platform be?
2. One place you want to be right now!
3. Why a monkey?
4. Tell me the most important change in your life, that still holds truth for you...and you believe always will.
5. You have an wonderful personality(all good)...What is it about your philosophies that, YOU think, would make a difference if more people would adopt?

So ... let the answering being:

1) If you were to run for President: Who would you want as your VP? And what would your platform be?
You're so kidding me, right? When would the U.S. ever let some poor schmuck like me run? I mean, female and gay? But okay, let's play pretend. And since we're playing pretend, why stop at president? I mean, I wanna rule the world!
So ... my platform for being leader of the U.S. (screw a running mate, I'm just taking everything over myself ... I'm a freaking dictator):
First thing I will do ... tax the crap out of the CEOs whose "take home pay" (in all its various forms) are more than 100K per annum. Teachers, cops, fire fighters will no longer have an income tax on their income from those jobs (up to 100k per annum ... which will leave out those few high-paid so-called "star" professors and possibly a few folk here and there).
Next thing ... anyone who makes $70k or over is required to spend one month living with a family who lives below the poverty line ... and I'll be redefining poverty line as well.
Additionally, everyone will be required to work six months in retail and six months in food service. If you so choose, this may be an evening or weekend job whilst you work your "real" job ... but you must work 24 hours a week during this time. This should be accomplished by the time each person is 20 ... obviously in the beginning of the program, those under twenty will comply ... those over twenty have one year to make arrangements to comply with this compulsory program and either submit proof that they have already met both requirements or that they are in the process of arranging their lives in order to attain this necessary experience.
Most importantly, I'll be completely scrapping the current education system and completely re-building it. Gone will be the coddling. Yes, we should be cognizant of our students and our children's self-esteem ... however, they should know that they can and will fail. But we also need to teach them that failure is okay. It means they didn't get it *yet*. It doesn't mean they are stupid or bad ... or even necessarily mean that they're not trying. This, of course, will be a tremendous undertaking. One in which I will have to re-educate not only all of the teachers ... but parents as well. School needs to be less boring, more challenging. Schools MUST be smaller so that students don't feel lost. Students must be made to feel less like they have no control over their lives.
And, lastly ... I'm gonna sterilize the whole freaking population and build a set of exams that anyone MUST pass in order to have kids. If you're too busy to deal with your kids, you shouldn't have them. Gay adoption? fine. Pagans who have kids? fine. Assholes who don't have the time to spend with their kids to find out how angry and helpless they feel? No kids for you.

Okay ... enough of that question.

2) One place you want to be right now!
Austin, Texas.
Or Sante Fe, New Mexico ... or the Farmington area.

The green and rocky hills of Austin. I can't even begin to describe the feeling I get when I think of the Austin hill country. Austin will always and forever be home to me.

3) Why a monkey?
Main reason ... will be posted on the blogaversary ... May 14. Stay tuned.
Secondary reason: I love monkeys. I am something of a monkey. I climbed EVERYTHING as a child ... something my poor mother did not understand (or get over) at all. Part of the climbing was simple independence ... everything is more or less out of reach to someone a kid's height. And I wanted to do things myself. Partly to prove I could. Partly so I felt like I had some control over my life.
Besides ... monkeys are kewl.

4) Tell me the most important change in your life, that still holds truth for you...and you believe always will.
Hmmmm. This is tough. I never think I've changed ... or that some external change has been important in my life. I always see me as me-now ... and me-past, well, I can always see enough elements of me-now in me-past, that I don't spot change. If that makes any sense.
I may have to come back to this question another day as I think it's an excellent one, but despite a couple of days of pondering it, I still have no real answer for it. Just a sense that I need to ponder it further.

5) You have a wonderful personality (all good)...What is it about your philosophies that, YOU think, would make a difference if more people would adopt?
More people should be able to step back and view The Big Picture.
More people should be truly intellectually curious ... not to the point of rudeness, but wanting to know how the world (mechanical, psychological, et cetera) works.
More people should be cognizant of others' feelings. Again, that doesn't mean you don't tell someone, yes, your ass looks HUGE in those pants ... but that we more carefully weigh our words and actions against the damage it might do to those around us. In other words, the golden rule, or the wiccan "do as ye will, as long as it harms none."

All right ... that's all five.

Work is insanely busy right now ... and I'm afraid I'll be quietish for a while as I work on several huge projects with short deadlines. Probably the only posts will be sketches and previews for The Wooden Iguana.

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jodi said:

And why I asked you number one! Got my vote! is looking great over at THe Wooden Iguana!


April 28, 2007 7:25 AM


MsDemmie said:

Belatane Blessings wonderful woman !

April 30, 2007 6:04 PM


Chris said:

here via blogmad but a fellow interviewee of Jodi's. Great answers.

April 30, 2007 8:09 PM


thatguy said:

um, what if you already worked in food and retail and yet have somehow managed to move up in life and now earn much more, would you still make us take a step back when we get that over 70k job?

also, what about having to live with the impoverished, what if you were already there and worked your way out, would you still make everyone do it anyway?

just askin.

May 15, 2007 10:23 AM
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