Common Ground
May 14, 2007

My mom and I have never been on spectacular terms. We fought about the length of my hair, the clothes I wore, the interests I had and the toys I liked.

The last few times we've talked, we've finally discovered a common ground.

This last week we discussed the most innocuous of art supplies ... markers. I can remember trips to the university bookstore when I was a kid. The Grumbacher paints in their odd little containers (which I would use to make space shuttles for my action figures) ... the aisle of different kinds of pencils ... colour pencils, black pencils which were other things than a #2. And then, the big display of markers. Prismacolor markers, double-ended markers with a fine tip and a broad tip in more colours than Mr. Binney OR Mr. Smith ever thought of.

I would spend most of the time drooling over the colours, curious about the pastels and the oil crayons ... but mostly fascinated by the markers.

And now I've discovered Copic markers.

It was amazing to have such a wonderful conversation with her ... where she would ask questions and listen to what I had to say. We talked about techniques and papers ... and the colours available ... the fact that they're refillable and you can even change out the nibs as well.

I'm not sure if that was my Mother's Day present to my mom ... or if something else gave a much-needed present to the both of us.

All I know is that I'm incredibly grateful for it.

My sister and I proudly holding aloft one of Mom's 3D projects. They had to build and fly a kite. The star clown that Mom built from a kite-making book didn't quite fly, until she thought fast and creatively and went to a shoe store for some helium filled balloons.

(I liked her other kite best, a big rectangle made to look like an envelope ... complete with a "Return to Sender" note stamped across it. I thought that was pretty clever, too ... enough so that I hung that kite in my room for years. Sadly, I don't have a photo of that one.)

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Hah! You said you drooled over crayons. That, for some reason is intensely funny to me.


May 15, 2007 3:38 PM
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