May 19, 2007

Imagine this ... you go to a real estate auction in Spain. There's this great little property, seaside, and you're thinking, how awesome would this be? So you bid. Much to your surprise you win. Turns out the person who owned it before didn't keep up with the payments and kind of faded out of the picture back in 2001 ... yep, six years ago. This being an auction and all, you didn't get a chance to go through the house, but hey, for what you paid, this is a great deal.

Now ... you have the keys ... you're going to see your new property for the first time. Open the door, the place is great. Walk into the living room.

And you're greeted by the previous owner.

Who's apparently been sitting DEAD on the couch for six years.

She's a mummy ... no wonder she couldn't keep up with the payments. Apparently the salt air really "cured" what ailed her.

The story is shocking enough if you've just taken possession of the house and met the previous owner this way ... but think about it deeper for a moment ... how truly sad is this story?

She was dead for SIX years and no one noticed. Her estranged husband didn't file a missing persons report. Neither did her kids. What kind of a life had she led that brought her to such a turn of events that the only one who noticed her absence was the mortgage company? And apparently, really, they only noticed the absence of payment.

I think about the people I know online and offline. I think about the people who've slipped away, whom I've missed. I've tried to connect with some of them and I've always been delighted when I have. But I wonder and worry about the others ... that's just a part of who I am, I guess.

Who will fill out your missing persons report?

Your bank? Your credit card companies? your spouse? friends? kids?

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