Six of One
May 30, 2007

Things That Are Good:
The other half's surgery is done and she came thru with flying colours. Things were as expected.
The house is blessedly quiet.
I will have some help getting said quiet house cleaned up tomorrow ... which means it won't be so quiet, but that's okay.
My buddy Martha sat with me until we heard how the other half's surgery had gone.

Things That Are Not So Good:
Four to five hours of sleep a night for several nights destroys my gastrointestinal system. Which was already not doing well this past week.
The other half "woke up" from the surgery screaming ... apparently the IV popped out just as they were preparing to inject the pain meds and it took them a while to quiet her down.
The 2.5 hour surgery that was to begin at 7:30 didn't start until closer to 8. 9 rolled around, no word from the OR. 10 rolled around. Nothing. Okay ... 2.5 hours ... should hear between 10 and 10:30.
10:30 ... 10:45 ... 11:00 ... I think it was at least 11:15 before I heard anything and I was seriously starting to FREAK OUT.

Goods definitely outweigh the bads ... and I'll just be glad when she's all recovered and we can completely put this behind us. I honestly knew that I was nervous ... but I had no idea how tense I'd gotten. I just kept repeating, it's a routine procedure. Sheesh.

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