Wooden Iguana
May 10, 2007

As always, click the pic to go to the full page at ComicSpace ... and there's additional navigation there if you're a new reader or just need to catch up.

In today's page the mysteries deepen and ... there's even a full-colour panel with my beautiful Copic markers. (Can you really be in love with markers? Well, I guess if you're me, you can. Copic markers are DA BOMB ... so smooth ... it's like painting with them instead of colouring. Did you hear that Mr. Happily Anonymous? COPIC MARKERS ARE NOT CRAYONS!!!! These are serious artist's tools, yanno. Hmph.)

Oh yeah ... please ... go read ... enjoy ... comment, fer crying out loud. Comment there ... comment here ... just say something.


(Yeah, I stayed up too damn late tonight so I could get this page done and uploaded.comments/exciting.gif )

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6000 said:

Hey Endy,

How goes it? Haven't been about much cos I was banned from SB on BM for "consistent spamming the SB". Bwahahaha.
How dull. It's not like anyone else ever puts owt in there. Most of my efforts are the first conversation in 10 hours. Watch BM as it goes down the same Old Boys Network road as BE. Rush is a twat. So no, I'm not missing it much.

OK - out of here. Loads of websites to spam. That's all I do, you know?


May 11, 2007 5:35 AM

I see 6k is as delusional as ever....lol


nice to see you upgrade from crayons doofus.


May 11, 2007 8:33 PM
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