Ranger Tuff
June 2, 2007

So, the other half is home and doing well. So well, in fact, that she decided to go to the Toyota dealership yesterday because they had a used Tacoma come on the lot and she wanted to go look at it. Seeing as how her lease is up on the piece of junk Ranger that she has now, she wanted to go ahead and look at trucks despite the fact that she was released from the hospital THURSDAY afternoon. Yeah, major surgery on Tuesday, released Thursday ... and Friday she makes me drive her out to the dealership to look at trucks that she cannot test drive.

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The Tacoma turned out to be a very unimpressive 1998 model. Not a bad truck, but we wanted to do better than that.

It was parked next to an '02 Ranger. A year newer than the beloved blue Ranger she'd had before this previous one ... and more importantly, before they made all the changes to the Ranger model that we hated.

So, we test drove that one. Loved it.

Yeah ... 3 hours later, I'm driving her home in my Civic ... and the salesman is following us home in her "new" Ranger. Now we gotta go clean out that other Ranger and take it back to the leasing/dealership Monday or Tuesday. And get the insurance temp card picked up ... and and and.

I can't believe she did this the day after being released from the hospital.

Of course, I drove home from Indy (about 3+ hours) after being released from the hospital after a bone marrow transplant. Apparently, we're a LOT alike! comments/what.gif

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Manic said:

Well look at it on the bright side, you've got a brand new car salesmen with the leased car :D

June 2, 2007 1:08 PM


blueyes said:

Ya'll are nuts.

June 2, 2007 3:40 PM
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