How To Assassinate Your Own Character
July 25, 2007

UK comedy actor, Chris Langham is in some serious trouble.

Mr. Langham has been accused of "indecent assault and a serious sexual offence on a girl under 18." But what's being focused on at the moment ... is the child pornography found on his computer. (I came in to this news story late ... the bit about the girl was either earlier in the trial or an earlier trial).

Mr Langham insists that the images ... and videos ... found on his computer were simply research for a character he was thinking of developing for the series, Help, "in which he [Paul Whitehouse] played different patients seen by a psychiatrist played by Mr Langham."

First, it's a comedy show ... I hardly think that any of the actor's really need to apply Stanislavski quite this far. Secondly ... if anyone was going to research it ... you'd think it would be the actor who was gonna play the dude needing help ... not the dude playing the shrink.

And, the stupidest thing of all ... if you're an actor or a writer who needs to research illegal activities ... TELL YOUR PRODUCERS ... tell the local police ... do SOMETHING to leave a paper trail that you researching this for a reason.

Mr Langham's co-star says he knew nothing about this "research" that Mr Langham was conducting. Apparently he didn't bother to tell anyone associated with the show about it, either.

I know that it's a part of the cycle of the abuse for the abuser to deny that anything happened. And apparently Langham is accused of shooting some footage himself, so he apparently falls into the abuser category and not just the computer-age, distanced viewer, but great good gods, the stuff was on his computer. Freaking own up to it. It is sometimes amazing to me how actors think just cuz they can act, they can fox the whole courtroom. *sigh*

Bleeding idiot.

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