Stupidity Incarnate
July 16, 2007

First, I've said before that our local news sucks ... here's new evidence that the newspaper is just about as bad:

Receptionist needed for busy small animal

That must be one damn busy small animal. Good lord. First of all, it has employees. Second of all, it's busy enough to need a receptionist ... who is contacting this small animal so much that it needs a receptionist?

Next up ... my beloved spammers who simply refuse to leave me alone. They are the reason that posting a comment with even a single URL in it will get the comment sent to the spam filter. I get a minimum of 400 spam comments a day. I closed down trackbacks because of spammers.

Here are some typical spamments, playing on the vanity of the blogger:

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And then ... then there are the truly special ones. New ones that now attempt, I think, to help me with my spam issues:

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I've no idea what this person's native language is ... but it sure ain't English.

*sigh* Were I a brilliant programmer, I would soooo be on this like a fly on ... ummm, yeah. Anyhow.

Damn spammers, anyway.

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