July 2, 2007

Political Rant ... this is just a rant ... not a discussion ... a reaction.

How the bloody freaking HELL can W ... nicknamed The Shrub, nicknamed Duh, I mean Dub ... just gets to adjust Scooter's sentence? WTF happened to him bitching about "activist judges"???? Now we have Dick saying he's not part of the executive branch in one scenario ... so he can get out of answering questions ... and then in another situation insisting that he was a part of the executive branch so he could get out of answering questions. And then we've got the Commander-in-Idiocy intervening in the sentencing of one of his cronies. But we're supposed to believe this is all for our own good and these fools know what they're doing.

Haliburton ... Enron ... wtf. I do NOT fooken get it.


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Ed Flinn said:

The President has the power to pardon, or as in this case to reduce the terms of a sentence and always has had that power. Surprisingly, George Bush is not the first to exercise this power in modern times.

Red Monkey says: No effin' shit? Really? (In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.) However, Duh did NOT consult with the Justice Department as he usually does. And, honestly, if the 30 months was "a little excessive" as some think (frankly, lying under the circumstances, to my mind, deserves more than 30 months ... and that's a non-partisan call on my part), then reducing the jail time to ZERO is a little excessive as well.
And, I never said it was illegal. I do still maintain that it was ill-advised and, I have to agree with whichever Democrat called it crony-ism. Actually, I think that's what pisses me off the most. Not that he commuted the sentence (Scooter hasn't been pardoned ... yet) but that he did it solely to save his own ass and the ass of Cheney's buddy. Duh is about as corrupt as you can get and the fact that he had a legal right to do what he did doesn't change the fact that he abused that right. Just my opinion, of course.
July 4, 2007 6:37 PM
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