August 12, 2007

Want your very own copy of the first issue of Wooden Iguana? How about the Sketchbook used to create it?

I have donated the original sketchbook (much as losing it pains me) and a laser-print copy of this issue (a nice, colour laser print ... for those "in the know" about graphics, it's a 300 dpi version ... not just a printout of the webpages) ... anyhow, I've donated the sketchbook and a nice print copy of issue one to to help them raise some funds. iSurvive is a wonderful resource for people struggling to cope with abuse issues. There are people there from all over the world ... they've got resources for review, various categories in their forum for people to post and discuss their issues and even a chat feature. They're a non-profit organization who has recently changed their software ... and believe me, they help a lot of people. They have to pay for the software, for bandwidth ... a technician to help keep everything running ... and I don't know what all else. I do know that they serve a very valuable function to a lot of people.

And I'd like to do a little bit to help them continue.

So ... while letting that sketchbook go is a really hard thing for me ... that's got some pieces that I'm extraordinarily proud of in it ... it's all going to an excellent, excellent cause.

If you're interested ... you can see some photos of the sketchbook here ... and you can address any questions to me: red DASH monkey AT coyotethunder DOT com.

If you want to bid, you can send your bid to: isurvive_org AT yahoo DOT com . Please, please, put Auction Bid in the subject and please, please please don't spam them. They're a good organization, good people.

Auction ends August 27, 2007.

You can check the current status of bids in the Open Forum section of the iSurvive site ... or you can email me for an update.

Good luck!!!

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My Monster said:


I saw you have supported iSurvive in the past and wanted to let you know a great way to support this tremendous non-profit organization. I am currently trying to involve bloggers to raise money, and it is as easy as making a post! I am a survivor and have found great support at iSurvive. I hope you will help the cause by "Blogging For A Cause". Here is some more information, if you are interested:

Thank you for being a part of the abuse survivor community!

My Monster

May 28, 2009 12:15 AM
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