Freaking Spam
August 10, 2007

200 spamments in 3 hours.

I spent 2 hours listing known bad bots in htaccess today. I'm still getting 200 spamments in 3 hours time.

I'm at a loss. I've switched preferences on the blog to continue to accept comments, but to send everything to moderation. (And I think the moderation template is screwed up ... so if you get there and it looks funky, I should care and want to fix it ... but I'm really tired of dealing with this crap at the moment, so I don't care.)

I don't have the time to be checking the spam filter constantly and deleting all these spamments. I'm begging anyone who's had any luck with blocking thru htaccess to email me and offer to help me out. If I can't resolve this soon, I dunno ... I might close the blog completely. MT 4 is due out soon-ish ... and they'll have member registration enabled ... I may upgrade to that and require registration to be able to comment. That might help, too.

Meanwhile ... this is the excitement of my day: COBRA still not activating my health insurance, so I still don't have the medicine that helps me breathe so instead of going outside, I'm staying in the house. I can't reach the site that delivers my paychecks because their site is effed up. (Attempting to hit the log in button which brings up the login screen leads you to a "We can't find that page" error ... otherwise I'd worry that my login information was bad - but I don't even get a chance to log in!) There is still no news on the job front.


Okay, so I set the blog to not immediately publish any comments. And that sounded good. Except that when I went to test it to make sure it was working right ... it wouldn't accept any comments.



I have decided that today is not a good day and I hate everything and just thought I would share that with you. That is all.

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