Help, SixApart
August 31, 2007

Okay, so I got the fresh installation done. I'm trying to figure out the template tweaks that need to happen. And now the comments are bleeding BROKEN. I'm actually getting an Internal Server Error now when a comment attempt is made. Grrrrrr. I've done some checking on the Movable Type site, and can't find the issue.

1) I am sure there is a permission mis-set somewhere. I need a list of what all the .cgi file permissions are supposed to be.
2) I need a good look at what my freaking comments template is supposed to look like. I've followed this and thought that would fix the issue. Bah.
3) I did have it semi-functional for a while last night, but it was telling me that there was an error due to a cached page. I deleted cache. I did a force-reload. Same error, no more detail. I disabled the happy NoHarvester plugin, thinking I had done something wrong with that.
No joy.


Movable Type, I think you should hire me to do your manual writing. Seriously.

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blueyes said:

I kept telling you to move to wordpress lol

But at least they have come out with captchas now.

September 7, 2007 8:16 AM
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